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John Skanks, a potential BCABHoF nominee for 2015

Boxing icon John Skanks will be memorialized - Maple Ridge News#.U69hOt9km3s.facebook#.U69hOt9km3s.facebook#.U69hOt9km3s.facebook#.U69hOt9km3s.facebook

On line photos:

John earns a community award

John, the instructor. .

Potential for 2015

As we look back over the 35 or
so years that John was involved
in amateur boxing, we realize 
that he is well respected in 
the community and the sport
in British Columbia.

The nomination process
begins in September 2014
and it is rxpected that 
John Skanks will be
in the running after
the nominations close.

Golden Memories
The messages begin:

Esther Raphael says,
"Aww miss u champ"

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The Centennial Boxers of 1967

1967 CENTENNIAL BOXERS: by Brian Zelley

The names of the 1967
Diamond Belt Tournament

                              *The two key tournaments in British Columbia in 1967
                       1967 BC Golden Gloved and the
                       1967 Diamond Belt Championships

Dick Findlay
1967 Golden Boy

Dave Wylie
1967 Diamond Boy
Firefighters Boxing Club
Vancouver, BC

Brian Zelley
Finalist 1967
Golden Gloves and Diamond Belt
Newcastle Boxing Club
Nanaimo, BC

Donate Paduano
, diamond boy runner-up 1967

Boxers in the finals
Austin, MacEachern, 
Scott, Logan, Boyce,
Zelley, Coulson, Lee,
Wylie, Fuller, Russell, 
O'Reilly, Paduano, Rorick, 
Smith, Wilson, Allan,
Kolhar, Craven, Taylor.

Promo for
1967 Golden Gloves
Dick Findlay
1966 Golden Boy
Freddy Fuller
1965 Golden Boy

Donato Paduano, Frankie Scott
Dick Findlay and Freddy Fuller

Ray Lampkin
Golden Boy runner-up
Ray would also be the
1968 BC Golden Boy
from Portland, Oregon.
In the seventies, Lampkin
fought Roberto Duran 
world lightweight title
in Panama.

Wes Craven, heavyweight
1967 Diamond Belt Champion
from Seattle, Washington

Beyond '67

Brian and Neil Knight
Neil Knight, Seattle
was 1968 Seattle 
Golden Gloves champ
1969 BC Golden Boy

Sizzling Sixties BC boxing

Boxing BC, The Sixties: by Brian Zelley

From the 1960 Golden Gloves to the
action in 1969, the sizzling sixties
provided many interesting moments
in the ring from the likes of 1960
Golden Boy Alan Curtis  to 1969
Golden Boy Neil Knight Of Seattle.
                Brian Zelley     1968   Neil Knight                          

The above video starts with a photo
from a mid sixties golden gloves show
in Washington with some well known
Stan Smith, Freddy Fuler, Elio Ius,
Clint Page and Bert Lowes.

                    Fuller, Findlay, Wylie,
                   Zelley, Lawson, Walters.
                   Gamble, Scott, Lindmoser

Photo two is a Newcastle Boxing club
photo in 1964 with some of the early
boxers for the Nanaimo based club 
formed in 1963 by George Nepper.
Boxers include:
Leo Rock, Chris Balatti, Gilles, Leon and
Roger Nepper and Brian Zelley.

Photo three is a photo of boxer Freddy
Fuller with his coaches while a member
of the East Vancouver Optimists boxing
club.  Coaches are Fred Fuller and
Larry Harris.

Then comes Bert Lowes, some group
photos folowed by heavyweight Jack Meda.
Some others in single poses include:
Dave Wylie, Mike Lazare, Roger Adolph,
Frank Scott, Fred Desrosiers, Jimmy
McMillan and coach Harry Twist. 

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A minute blast into the past.

2014 Commonwealth Games Boxing

The Road To Glasgow 2014

Brody Blair
*One of seven Canadian boxers named.

Custio Claton and Freddy Evans
*2012 London Olympics
*potential rematch in Glasgow

2014 marks the 20th. Anniversary

Golden Gloves, BC Boxers