Saturday, January 7, 2023

BCABHOF Administrators For 2024

 Britsh Columbia Amateur Boxing Hall of Fame ADMINISTRATORS 2024:                                                 Brian Zelley  * Joseph Pendry Kelly Ricketts * Keith Hunter *  Mehran " Hotstuff & Troy James Taylor *                        

Thursday, December 29, 2022

INDUCTEES 2023 BCABHOFby brian zelley

 British Columbia Amateur Boxing Hall of Fame: 2023                                                                                   Five 2023 INDUCTEES                                               BILLY WATSON .. RIVER TUCKER .. TERRY COOKE .TROY JAMES TAYLOR .. WILLY CURRY^*******                                                                                               


Friday, July 8, 2022

BCABHOF 2023 Nominees


The 2023 list of nominees for the British Columbia Amateur Boxing Hall Of Fame has changed to add two names.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

NANAIMO BOXING 1971 to 2021By Brian Zelley


 Nanaimo Boxing History

This blog will cover the history of the first 50 years of the Nanaimo Boxing Club founded by Brian Zelley and Dan Wright.The original members in September 1971 are no longer members but some of the early names include  Jack Snaith, Mickey Griffin, Fred Wicks, Darren Lussier, Wayne Peace, Bob Pegues, John Ormandy , Clarke McLellan and Barry Creswell.

Some boxers from other clubs would join the Nanaimo Boxing Club for a brief period such as Lloyd Anderson, Alan Brown, and Gary Wood. Others in the late seventies included Lyle Jack, Steve Venuti
BC AMATEUR BOXING HALL OF FAME: Some of the Inductees that were passed members of  the NANAIMO BOXING CLUB include a number of folks:                   Alan Brown, Barry Creswell, Bob Pegues, Brian Zelley, Clarke McLellan, Gary Wood, Jack Snaith, and Mickey Griffin. Two of the Vancouver Island Wall of Fame includes Brian Zelley and Mickey Griffin
Photo: Mickey Griffin &.           Bob Pegues

Sunday, May 15, 2022


 Since 1985 BOXING CANADA has now added about 64 names to their BOXING CANADA HALL OF FAME.  One of the earlier Inductees was former boxer and coach HAROLD MANN.As of 2020 there have been 62 Inductees. Abe Pervin, Albert Knapper, Art Naylor,  Bill Arsenault, Bill Johnson,  Chester Kelly, Chris Johnson, Christian Danneault,Dale Brown, Dale Walters, Edwin Knight,  Erno Kiss, Francis Morrison, Francis Macdougall, Fred Fuller, Gabby Mancini, George Angelomatis, George Goff, Gus Rubicini,  Hank Summers,  Harold Mann, Henry Rideout, Jean-Paul Ricard,  Jerry Shears, , Jimmy Callura  Jimmy McInnes, Joe Foley, John O'Shea, Ken Goff, Ken Napper, 
Lawrence Dupperon, Len Aaronson, Lennox Lewis,  Leo Bertucci, Marcel Toulouse,  Marina Gordon, Matt Mizerski,  Norman Bordage Omer Gagnon, Orville Nash, 
Phil Baraly, Preston Roberts, Raymond  Dorion, Ralph Thomas, Richard MacLean,  Robert Crete, Robert Edgett, Ron Whalley,  

Scotty Olson,
Sharron Leggett, Shawn O'Sullivan, Sonny Wong, Taylor Gordon, Tom Daly,  Vinnie Ryan, Willie Dewit  Yvon Michel, 

Saturday, April 30, 2022

BCABHOF 2023 Nominees an Administrators: by Brian Zelley

 NOMINEES: 2023                                                         Andrew Schuck, Billy Watson, Danny McGarvie  Dave Thompson,*  Dave Ius, Jon Agar, River Tucker, Stephen Lowry, Terry Cook,Troy Taylor, Tim Hunter,  WILLY Curry

Administrators:               Mehran Hotstuff, Brian Zelley, Chris Lemay,      Eric Brighton, Keith Hunter, Joseph Pendry, & Kelly Ricketts***                                                  A good number of supporters for one or more nominees such as:  Andrew Schuck, Andrew McEwen, Brian Zelley, Dan Wright, Del Deugau, Derrick Hoyt, Douglas Friesen, Fred Wicks,  Bannink, Jon Agar, Jacob Chappelle,John Demostan,  Joseph Pendry, Keith Hunter, Kelly Ricketts, Mehran Hotstuff,   Kevin Lyons, Peter Holt,  Ron Pasek, Russ Lyon, Russell Howard, Shane Sutcliffe, Steven Lowry,  and Troy Taylor. 


Thursday, February 17, 2022



                                                                                                                  So the Inducted names were expected to be
 revealed at the mid February provincials but  for some reason it didn't happen.       So 25 names are left waiting.