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Vancouver Island Boxing 1984

VANCOUVER ISLAND BOXING - An Important Step Forward: By Brian W. Zelley

Of the many amateur boxing event on Vancouver Island from 1980 to 1985, one event
stands the test of time as being an important event that would lead to the revival of a
tournament that had not been seen since 1964 - the Vancouver Island Amateur Boxing

It began with a club show in Ladysmith at the Sportsplex on January 28, 1984.
In the boxing show, ten bouts were held by the relatively new boxing club.

To recognize the boxers from Ladysmith, Gold River, Gibsons, Crofton,
Nanaimo, and Parksville the names of the boxers were:
Graham Henry, Raymond Barton, Robert Rice, Dean Townsend, Chris Wigard,
Tony Willis, Rowland Powel, Robin Murray, Paul Bottomley, Hank Sampson,
W, Hinchcliffe, Lee Dmani, Trent Storey, Dani Koughan, Craig Kelly,
Tony Duffy, Dano Everts, Bill Franklin, Russ Lyon, Tim Cessford.

Official In Charge - Rick Brough, Branch Executive Officer - Brian Zelley

Referees & Judges: Rick Brough, Brian Zelley,
Howard Curling, Frank Bowers and Roy Maycock
Timekeeper: Walter Brownlow, Announcer: Ian Allan,
Glovers - Garry Doherty and Harold Barton

Coaches in attendance:Bill Cox, Niel Garda, Alex Riley, Monty & Alan Brown,
Joe Preston, Art Smith and Brian Sacho, and Barry Krangle.

The important event in planning took place on Sunday, January 29, 1984
with a combined coaches and officials meeting under the direction of Rick Brough.
The purpose of the meeting was to review the progress of amateur boxing on
Vancouver Island and make plans for future shows in Parksville, Gold River
and Campbell River, and consider plans for the Island Championships in the
spirit of "BC Winter Games" of Participation & Competition.

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"SILVER GLOVES CHAMPIONSHIP" - By Brian Zelley, :The Sportcaster" - February 8, 1978

(Photo - 1975 Silver Gloves Champion Danny O'Sullivan & Brian Zelley)

for Victoria Athletic Association in the 1978 Silver Gloves at
Vancouver Feb. 3 & 4.

Heggelund pounded out three victories in the tournament with a
combination of excellent boxing skill, punching power, durability
and conditioning. Heggelund won the senior novice welterweight
championship with wins over BRIAN WEST of Vancouver,
JAMES FIDDLER of Campbell River and BILL LEWIS of Nelson.

Henry also won a special award of senior silver boy runner-up.
The last Victorian to win a championship and the special award
was DANNY O'SULLIVAN in 1975.

Mat Montgomery earned the junior silver gloves championship
in the 95 lb. division when he stopped S Fettis of
Port Kells Boxing Club.

TOM TURNBULL was edged in the finals of the intermediate
novice light-middlewweight division by VERN KLASSEN of
of the NFA Boxing Club. Turnbull blasted his way into the finals
with a second round victory in an elimination bout.

(Note: Both Henry and Danny were two of the ex-boxers to attend the
2010 BC Golden Gloves tournament hosted by Boxing BC and
the Capitsal City Boxing Club.)


(from the "Sportcaster") - From March 1980

(Photo 1 - 1980 buckskin Gloves, Vernon)
(Photo 2 - series of photos of the author)

- (From 1974 to 1983, I was a regular contributor to the Sports paper
called "The Sportcaster", the following is portions from one of the 1980's articles)

VAA boxer CLIFF BALLENDINE added to his growing list of championships. special awards
and victories on March 8, (1980) when he defeated three opponents in the annual Lumi

In early bouts, Ballendine scored a pair of knockouts in the first and second rounds
in the featherweight division. In the championship bout, Ballendine scored a third
round KO over his opponent to win the championship and was selected BUCKSKIN BOY.

Ballendine is scheduled for more activity in Native Indian tournaments in coming weeks,
including the BC Buckskin Gloves in Vernon and the Native Indian Championships
in Langley. He will also see action in the BC Junior Golden Gloves in Kamloops.

Teammate GARY ROBINSON will see action in the BC GOLDEN GLOVES for open
intermediate and senior boxers on March 21 and 22 at Vancouver's PNE Gardens
Auditorium while junior boxer Cliff Ballendine is expected to be engaged
in a special bout in the Golden Gloves.

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( Sportcaster, November 10, 1976) MATT MONTGOMERY,
and GARY ( Tiger ) ROBINSON will see action in Nanaimo. )

(Top Photo - "Dynamite" Dan Wright - photo by Dorothy Zelley, November 21, 2009)

Welcome news for Victoria A's boxing program is the return of 'Dynamite' DAN WRIGHT.
to Victoria after two years in Vancouver and Nanaimo. Dan's last match was a victory
over NEIL MELROSE in the 1974 Tournament of Champions in Nanaimo.''

A special tribute is due IAN DUDDY newlty elected manager of the boxing program. In his brief term,
Duddy has arranged three fight cards for Victoria boxers. On November 13, MATT MONTGOMERY
and GARY ( Tiger ) ROBINSON will see action in Nanaimo. On November 20 a 12 bout card is scheduled for the
Quadra Recreation Centre. On November 27, several boxers will travel to Powell River.

The November 20 card is scheduled for Victoria will be the first card of the newly formed
VICTORIA ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION. Boxers are expected from Victoria, Nanaimo,
PowellRiver and Vancouver. On the Nanaimo card, Robinson will face TOM MCMURTRY
of Cloverdale and Montgomery will face STEPHEN VARRO of Nanaimo.

Some of the tournaments scheduled later in the season will be the Emerald Gloves.
Silver Gloves and Golden Gloves along with Provincial tourna,ents. If the Victoria card
is a success more will be slated for the near future.

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ZELLEY'S ROUND - December 22, 1982

(Photos - Referee RICK BROUGH in the ring)

Zelley's Round:
"Amateur Boxing News": By Brian Zelley, the "Sportcaster" - December 22, 1982

The newly formed LADYSMITH BOXING CLUB added to the growth of amateur boxing on Vancouver Island
by hosting an 11-bout card at the Ladysmith Sportsplex on Saturday December 11th before
an enthusiastic crowd.

The boxing club was formed in October through the efforts of BILL COX, DAVE ALTON who are the club coaches
and RICK BROUGH (ring official and recreational director for the town of Ladysmith) and Dave Stone.

Through the coaching efforts of Alton and Cox, and the administrative experience of Brough,
the club was able to host a club show after only two months of activity. Vancouver Island Clubs
were well represented with teams from Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Crofton and Parksville.

Ring officials included Rick Brough, Howard Curling, Brian Zelley, Frank Bowers and Joe Preston.
Mike Sartori, a coach from Victoria Jaycees, announced at a special meeting following the bouts
that the Victoria club is in the process of organizing regular Sunday afternoon shows on amonthly basis.
It was also announced that the Crofton Boxing Club will host a show in February while the Ladysmith
club will host another show in March.

Val Worden over Greg Pierce, Danny Cross over Daryl Hickey, Louis Leach over Tony Willis,
Craig Shaw over Scott Nugent, Alex Johnny over Hank Sampson, Danny Koughan over Wade Stewart,
Wayne Doherty over Mike Rochon, Dean Bohn over Steven Schwan, Jamie Rose over Jerome Crocker,
Pete Seggie over Rick Walton.

In the main event, SCOTT CESSFORD of Parksville used a combination of hand speed and foot speed
to win a split decision over the harder punching LLOYD ANDERSON of Nanaimo in a lightweight

Zelley's Round - Nov. 24, 1982

BOXING PLANNED FOR VICTORIA: By Brian Zelley, November 24, 1982, "Sportcaster", Victoria, BC

Determination, enthusiasm and dedication paid off for local boxers KIT MUNRO and KIRK RANNERIS when both boxers won championships at the BC Bronze Glovesfor junior novice amateur boxers at Vancouver on November 5 and 6. Munro
defeated two opponents to win the 119lb. bantamweight title and Ranneris defeated two opponents to win the 125lb, featherweight title.

For Kit and Kirk, their wins mark the first level of amateur championship boxing. Both boxers made their
amateur boxing start in the current season against more experienced opponents in a club show
hosted by their opponents boxing clubs.

Kit made his amateur start against a Vancouver opponent in Vancouver last September.
He was winning his bout when he was forced to retire due to an injury.

Kirk made his amateur boxing debut in October against a Campbell River boxer ... and lost the decision.

Despite the initial setbacks, both Munro and Ranneris showed the determination of potential champions
by returning to the Jaycees gym for more instruction and training under the direction of their coaches.
The enthusiasm and dedication paid off with both Kit and Kirk displaying improved boxing skills at the Bronze Gloves.
Both boxers will now return to the gym for more instruction to smooth out their stance and footwork, improve
their defense and sharping their punching skills for a chance to compete in more advanced competition.

Both RANNERIS and MUNRO along with other Jaycees boxers may get a chance to compete in Victoria in the
New Year. The officials of the club are presently in the feasibility stage of determining if the Jaycees c;ib
could hold regular club shows in Victoria.

Also, BERT LOWES, the BC Amateur Boxing Association director of referees and judges, has indicated
an interest in hosting a judges and referees clinic in Victoria to upgrade present officials and an attempt
to recruit and train new officials in the Victoria area.


(Photo - ALAN BROWN - 1984).

ZELLEY's ROUND - "The Sportcaster" - November 10, 1982

The following is a piece I wrote for publication in 1982 (partial reproduction)

Nanaimo, BC is considered by many fight fans to be the fight capital of British Columbia
especially after the success of the GORDIE RACETTE - JIMMY YOUNG and RACETTE vs TREVOR BERBICK
heavyweight fights...The city also has a strong amateur boing program under the NANAIMO BOXING CLUB.
The amateur club was formed in 1971by DAN WRIGHT and BRIAN ZELLEY...The highlight of the NANAIMO club
was the success of JACK SNAITH who won the light-flyweight championship in the 1973 CANADIAN AMATEUR BOXING CHAMPIONSHIPS.

In amateur boxing news, DAN WRIGHT who was a co-founder of the Nanaimo Boxing Club and a former
Victoria boxer is now a registered judge with BC AMATEUR BOXING ASSOCIATION.
Vancouver Island Boxing Commissioner, RICK BROUGH of Victoria has moved to Ladysmith
and is organizing an amateur boxing club.

Early results of the BC BRONZE GLOVES for junior novice boxers had Victoria's KIRK RANNERIS
winning one bout Friday night in the preliminaries...

Local boxer KIT MUNRO added a touch of class to the fifteen bout boxing card at CAMPBELL RIVER
ON October 30. Munro boxing in his second amateur bout gave an excellent performance to stop
Langley's JOHN RICHARDS midway through the second round of a bantamweight bout,,,

Kit won the first round with an educated left jab. In round two, Munro combined straight punches
and well placed body shots to stop Richards. Victoria's Kirk Ranneris put up a fine performance
but lost the decision to the more experienced MIKE WOOD of Campbell River.

Bantamweight ALAN BROWN of Gold River defeated featherweight RAY ABRAHAM ov Vancouver
in the Best Bout of the night. Brown, the 1980 Junior Canadian Champion survived several
thumping body punches to outclass the heavier Abraham. In the second best bout
Light-Middleweight ROMAN GRIMARD of Campbell River edged Richmond's LYLE HENDRIKSON
in a two-fisted battle.

The card hosted by the Campbell River Eagles Boxing Club was the first of three scheduled
by Campbell River in the current season. Officials for the club include JIM HOWIE, CHARLES JOHN,
GEORGE SHIELS and KEWAL BAINES...Clubs participating came from Campbell River, Crofton,
Langley, Parksville, Richmond, Gold River, Vancouver and Victoria.

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PRO BOXING - Vancouver & Tacoma regions



Professional boxing has made a significant comeback in recent years through the efforts
of West Coast Promotions under the hands and eyes of MANNY SOBRAL, NEIL POPE and ALISTER BRODIE.
Recently, the last pro card featured Canadian Light-Heavyweight JUNIOR MOAR.

Of interest, both Junior Moar and Manny Sobral are former Canadian Amateur senior open boxing champions.
Although they fought at different time periods. Of the two Sobral was an amateur boxer in the
Vancouver region during the Eighties. One of his first major National tournaments was the 1984
Junior Nationals of which some other noted boxers participating were Alberta's SCOTTY OLSON, Nova Scotia's

Aside from Pro Boxing Promotion, Sobral also was involved with the North Burnaby Boxing Club
which until late last year was based out of the old BOXING BC Training Centre.


Professional boxing's main force in the Tacoma region is BRIAN HALQUIST PROMOTIONS.
In 1997, the Emerald Queen Casino and Brian Halquist Promotions commenced
"The Battle of the Boat" boxing series.

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Throughout the decades, the Pacific Northwest including parts of British Columbia, Washington State
and parts of Oregon has had an interesting past and an active present with amateur and professional boxing.
Key amateur boxing includes the various Golden Gloves tournaments in British Columbia, Tacoma, Seattle,
and Portland. The BC Golden Gloves began in 1939 in Vancouver and the last one took place in Langford
(Greater Victoria) at the Eagle Ridge Community Centre. Frpm the mid-Fifties, some names to remember
from Golden Gloves action in places like Tacoma include Canadian boxers Lindy Lindmoser and
Tommy Delvecchio and Seattle's BOBBY HICKS of the Chemeres Boxing Club.

In professional boxing there have been some world class champions and contenders such as champions
TOD MORGAN, DENNY MOYER, FREDDY STEELE, and AL HOSTAK, and top contenders such as
and many others such as Vancouver's KENNY LINDSAY, JACKIE TURNER, FRANK and STAN ALMOND.
A sample of others include: Vic Foley, Doc Snell, Billy Townsend and Leslie (Wildcat) Carter.

During the current time period, there are a number of promoters in places like Vancouver and Seattle.

The Pacific Northwest has also been the site of some National and International boxing tournaments such as the
1954 British Empire Games, 1990 Seattle Goodwill Games. 1994 Commonwealth Games and the 1967 BC Diamond Belt