Friday, April 20, 2012


UNSUNG HEROES:  By Brian Zelley
Looking back there are many unsung heroes in amateur boxing,
and boxing in British Columbia is no exception.  One only has to 
compare the boxing  inductees into the British Columbia Sports
Hall of Fame to those Provincial hall of fame inductees in places
like Nova Scotia and Alberta to realize persons involved in 
amateur boxing have been short changed by the decision makers.

As the editor of the BC Amateur Boxing News in the eighties, one
of my objectives was to recognize the many folks involved in the
sport in the eighties, but also look back to names and events of 
the past in the form of FLASHBACKS or GOLDEN MEMORIES.

*** Howard Curling, an unsung hero with a background in boxing***
(reprint from the "BC Amateur Boxing News" by brian zelley
for June 1985.

Howard Curlin, a Victoria based official, has been involved in 
amateur boxing in British Columbia for over thirty years.  Some
of the highlights of his involvement include activity as a coach,
referee, judge, boxing commissioner and past president of the
Greater Victoria Amateur Boxing Association.

During the Fifties, Howard was a boxing coach with the 
Victoria Fire Department boxing club and an official.
In 1956, Howard was the president of the GVABA when
the Victoria Optimists sponsored the International
Tournament of Champions.  

In the mid-Seventies, Curling was appointed by the 
British Columbia Amateur Boxing Association has the 
Island Commissioner amateur boxing on Vancouver Island.
One of his achievements was the organization of the 
"English Schoolboy vs BC Junior Selects" tournament in
Victoria in June of 1976.  

In the Eighties, Howard  has continued to serve the sport of 
boxing by his participation  as a judge.  One of his achievements
was being part of a very important team  that pushed for the
revival  of the Vancouver Island Amateur Boxing Championships.
It was over a year in the making, but the team prevailed  and 
revived the tournament in 1984 at Parksville.  Despite the many
barriers, it was well worth the effort.  It was an Island tournament
that gave an opportunity for all Island boxers to participate in
open and novice junior, intermediate and senior competition.

Since September 1983, Howard has also been
one of the select few that is a regular contributor
to the "BC Amateur Boxing News". 

Throughout the Province of British Columbia,
there are many  unsung heroes who devote their
time, energy, experience and effort
to ensure the sport of amateur boxing remains
a viable activity  for the youth of our province.
HOWARD CURLING is just one of many.