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Although there were about 57 topics, the stories about individuals
were very rewarding to do with the help of those individuals and

Summary of the key boxing stories of individuals:
*The Kenny Lally Boxing Story,
*The Alex Torres Rynn Story, 
*Tommy Paonessa, Boxing Pioneer,
*The Alan Brown Boxing Story,
*The Gordie Lawson Boxing Story
 - Finding The Golden Key,
*Lennie Walters - BC Boxing Legend,
*The Mike Kennedy Boxing Story,

*The Bert Lowes Boxing Story,
*The Tony Duffy Boxing Story,
*The Paul  "P-Mac" MacKenzie Story,
*The Roger Adolph Boxing Story, 
*The Mike Strange Boxing Story,.

*Kenny Lally, Jamie "TNT" Taylor, Jaime Lynn Ward,
 Alex Torres Rynn, Paul MacKenzie, Marc Whelton, 
Kevin McDermott, John Paonessa, Steve Wood, Alan Brown,
Glenn McGee, Rick Fleck, Gordy Racette, 
Gordie Lawson, Monique, David Ius, Dale Walters,
Mike Kennedy, Roger Adolph, Marcus Hume, Adam Trupish,
Tony Duffy, Barry Krangle, Billy Irwin, Michael Strange, 
 Doug Bolianatz, Domenic Filane Figliomeni,
Graham MacIntosh, Scotty Olson and Vern Linklater.

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PARKSVILLE, BC boxing history:  By Brian Zelley

Between 1954 and 1969, there was no official boxing club in Parksville.
But all that changed in the late Seventies when ART SMITH and
BRIAN SACHO former a boxing club to begin an interesting
time in amateur boxing that would be part of the Eighties.

They would have one club show before April 1984, then when
officials and coaches on Vancouver Island agreed to revive
the Vancouver Island Amateur Boxing Championships
twenty years after the last tournament in 1964, the club
in Parksville was chosen to host the tournament.

As time moved on, the Parksville area would become inactive
for amateur boxing, but in recent years a new club has been
formed with the interesting name of Genesis.  Like the club 
of the Eighties, the club of 2010 and 2011 was given a 
chance to host a tournament.  It would be the 2011
BC Bronze Gloves.  Boxers from the club would do well
at the home town tournament.  Some of the boxers would
also participate in the 2011 Emerald Gloves. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011


BC AMATEUR BOXING NEWS, MAY 1985: Editor, Brian Zelley

By the time the May 1985 issue of the "News" was ready to roll
much of the 1984/1985 activity had come to an end, but there
were still some interesting things you report and there was 
always an opportunity to toss in some Flashbacks.

Photos:  The front cover included some boxing action from
the past, but the rest of the 12 pages was scattered with 
assorted profile shots or group photos.

Page 3:  Included a group photo of some of the folks that
had helped with boxing cards in Greater Vancouver 
including:  Len Robertson, Bob Fitchett, Tommy Paonessa, 
John McCluskey, Gary Wallace and Joe Magri.

Page 4:  Photos of Johnny Creanza, Jeff Demmery, 
Brian Zelley and Tony James, and Mike Caird.

Page 5:  Joe McCaffrey, Ed McCaffrey, Greg Demmery,
and Happy Seignor (Richmond and Astoria Boxing Clubs).

Page 6:  Ian Pye (with some stats), Gary Tatton and 
Ken Mitchell.

Pages 2,  7 and 9: Medal winners -  Boxers in the
1985 BC Winter Games.

Page 11:  Photo of Ottawa's Beaver Boxing Club
message about Steve Frame, and a photo of 
boxer Brent Lackie.

Page 12:  Included a photo of former boxer
Freddie Curtis and a small piece called
"The Last Round - Fred Curtis"
,the piece reported the April 19, 1985 funeral
service of Fred.  Fred was an action-packed
scrapper of the Fifties.  His brother Al Curtis
was the 1960 BC Golden Boy.

There was also the discussion of the potential
"British Columbia Amateur Boxing Guide".

Reported in several pages were old stuff
from the Sixties which named the BC
Golden Boys from 1960 to 1969:
Al Curtis, Bill Adams, Buddy Palmer,
Kalman Santosi, Brian Bremner, Freddy Fuller,
Dick Findlay, Ray Lampkin and Neil Knight.

It included the Finalist of the 1967 Diamond Belt
tournament, Emerald Boys,  the Finalists in 
the 1968 Silver Gloves, Finalists in the 
1966 Bronze Gloves, and 21 names of 
Vancouver Island boxers that had won 
Island titles between 1960 and 1964.

 April 12, 1985:
Host:  Nanaimo Boxing Club, 10-bout card.
March 16, 1985:
Host:  Cranbrook Double "E" Club, 12
regular bouts and a box-off bout between
"Smoking" Joe Pendry and Al Harper.

CROSS- CANADA - Letters from:
Bob Carswell, Rosemary Page, Ainslie Frame,
Jerry Shears, Stan Smith, Ken Marjoram,
Al Young, Dick St. Louis and Mike Sartori 

THE SELECT 21 of VANCOUVER ISLAND (1960 to 1964)
Ken Alexander, Bruce Baille, Tommy Black, Mike Caird, 
Larry Cardinal, Danny Daniels, Buck DeLaronde, Len Diggs,
Fred Francis, V. Jack, Bob Mosse, Gilles Nepper, Cal Osmond,
Earl Pilgrim, Wayne Powell, Sgt Ed Remin, Howey Rabey,
Rifleman Walsh, Skimp Williams and Brian Zelley. 
(note:  two other important names in the period were:
ALAN CURTIS, 1960 BC Golden Gloves "Golden Boy"
FRED DESROSIERS, 1964 Olympic Games boxer. )