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2015 Senior Open:
Elite Boxing Championships:
by Brian Zelley
* (the tournament is the first Canadian event in the process
for selecting the Canadian boxing team for the 
2015Pan Am Games to be held in Ontario.)

                                             (Boxing Canada photo, October 2014)

Early Action for the Team West 
* Early action for team west resulted in mixed
results with BC's Jessy Brown and River Tucker
being eliminated along with one Alberta boxer.
A big bout expected in the nextround of the
bantamweight division will be a showdown
between BC's Kenny Lally and Ontario's
two time Canadian Golden Gloves champion
Rodolfo Velasquez.

                             Rodolfo Velasquez

Kenny Lally.

Lally over Rodolfo in semi finals, Kenny will fight for gold.
Rodolfo will fight for bronze against Francois Pratte.

A good fight between Velasquez and Lally

Elsewhere for bronze, BC's  River Tucker
will face Carole-Anne Mercier.
In the men's light-heavyweigt division
Max Rizzi to face Richard MacDonald.
An interesting situation is David Gathier will
 be competing for bronze.

Finals: sample of bouts
Alexandra Strickland vs Carolyn Vevre
Emilien Boucher vs Miscael Marin
Lucas Bahdi vs Cylin Downey
Darcy Hinds vs Clovis Drolet
Jake Varga vs Vincent Thibeault


River Tucker, Sierra Picton, Cher Obediah,
Odille Letellier, Brandon Leaman, Max Rizzi,
Kingsley Alexander, Donovan Thomas,
Rodolfo Velasquez,

Silver  Female
Evelyn Calado, Amanda Galle, 
Alexandra Strickland, 

Gold - Canadian champions - Women
Kum , Bujold, Adjei, Vevyre, Kali, Camera, 
Spencer Greey, Lepage-Joanise.

Best Female Boxer: Mandy Bujold.

,Silver Males
* Young, Gillard, Wilcox, Downey, Warner,
* Elabdoulli, Hinds, Varga, Yengue, Huggins.

Gold Males
* Tondo, Boucher, Lally, Bahdi, Biyarslanov,
* Haghigat-Joo, Drolet, Thibeault

* Thibeault, Rasmussen, Kean.

Best Male Boxer:  Lucas Bahdi
Short Jabs and Golden Memories

Kaitlyn Clark, Silver medalist
Beaver Boxing Club, Ottawa
as repoted by Mark Sutcliffe, Ottawa Citizen
"Boxing has changed my life"

River "The Fox" Tucker, bronze
Queensborough Boxing, BC
"A big thanks to coaches Bob and Nathan"

Canadian images:

Won title again for 2015

Monday, October 20, 2014

Canadian boxing, flashbacks

British boxers of 1968

Whose who of British Boxing 1968: by Brian Zelley

                                                        Henry Cooper
                                 Top British Heavyweight

The Heavywrights:
* It was 1968 and the British champion was still
Henry Cooper with Brian Lndon and Billy Walker
high in the rankings. Others included:
Carl Gizzi Johnny Prescott, Jack Bodell, Billy Gray,
Dave Ould, Vic Moore and Peter Boddington.

Other Champions:
* Young McCormack, Johnny Pritchett, Johnny Cooke,
Maurice Cullen, Howard Winstone, Walter McGowan, 
and John McCluskey.

Some oter top names were:
Mark Rowe, Eddie Avoth, Ralph Charles,
Ken Buchan, Brian Cartwright and Alan Rudkin.

Some of the prospects would include Jimmy Revie, 
 and Brian Hudson. Some on the edge  of
 retirement would be  Brian McCaffrey who had
lost to Johnny Cooke in the fight of the year.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Honourary Inductees BCABHoF

2015 BCABHoF Honourary Inductees: 
by Brian Zelley

* As part of the continued growth of the
British Columbia Amateur Boxing 
Hall of Fame, year six will consider
the following five greats as "Honourary Inductees":

Barney Ross, George Chuvalo, Jimmy McLarnin,
Muhammad Ali and Rocky Marciano

                                      Muhammad Ali

                                                             Barney Ross - Boxer
                                           Barney giving boxer Jimmy Walters pointers in 1954
                                                at the "Sun Golden Gloves in Vancouve

Guest referee and speaker


George Chuvalo

Induction Process

At the present time folks are
being given an opportunity to
discuss if these five should
be inducted as honourary members.

If it is decided to induct them
steps will be taken
to highlight their stories.

Names In Support

Brian Zelley,  Carol Skanks, Gardipy Donyvon
Justin Pagani, Robert E. Shannon, Scott Galloway,
     Robbie MGregor, Asif Dar, Scotty Olson,  

               Victor Hernandez , Hugo Corral , Rick Gagne 


2015 The Eight Nominees, BCABHoF

Thursday, October 9, 2014

BCABHoF, 2015 Nominees

BCABHoF, 2015 Nominees: BC Amateur Boxing Hall of Fame nominees for 2015

Some of the eight: by Brian Zelley
Eddie Mulhern,  pioneer
* inductee of the UBC sports hall of fame

Kenny Lally, boxer

Barry Creswell, builder

John Skanks, builder

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Forgotten BC Golden Boy

RAY  LAMPKIN, 1968 B C Golden Boy
by Brian Zelley

Ray Lampkin * Neil Knight

In the flashback section of the May 1984
BC Amateur Boxing News
I reprinted the real story as reported by
Dave Empey in the
"Vancouver Sun"The Golden Boy? Ray Lampkin"

Friday, August 8, 2014

Canadian Boxing - Anniversary Waltz.

LOoking Back  1954 to 1994: by Brian Zelley

beyond the video sounds, we step back in time to the years:
1954 - 1964 - 1974 - 1984 - - 1994
From the British Empire Games in 
Vancouver 1954 to Commonwealth Games
in Victoria 1994, and regional tournaments
on Vancouver Island such as the  Island
championships in 1964 and 1984. Also, 
the road to the 1964 and 1984Olympic Games
And many other events in those anniversary years in 2014.

Those Past Years in Canadian Boxing:

Friday, July 25, 2014

Commonwealth Games, Boxing 2014, the medal round

The Boxing Medal Rounds: by Brian Zelley

McFadden the pick of Scotlands boxers
The above link is one of hundreds of stories
about those select boxers that will receive
medals, but the type of medal will be determined
by the action and results in the semi-finals
on Friday, August 1, 2014 in Glasgow. Scotland's
Reese McFadden vs Australia's  Andrew Moloney.

                              Reese McFadden, Team Scotland

One interesting bout in semi finals action will
be between Scotland's Josh Taylor and England's
Sam Maxwell.
                                 **** Josh Taylor ****

For Canada, the first to see action will be woman 
boxer Mandy Bujold. Mandy will face England's 2012 
Olympic champion Nicole Adams. The opening bout
will see Walsh vs Rani with the winner to face 
Adams or Bujold for gold.

* Based on the results in will be Adams and Walsh
battling for gold.  Bujold and Rani earn bronze.

* Next to determine the race for gold:
Waseen vs Omar and McFadden vs Moloney.

* It will be Muhammad Waseen of Pakistan
facing Australia's Andrew Moloney for gold.
McFadden and Omar to settle for bronze.

* Conlan to face Ashfaq for gold, and
Taylor to face Jonas. Also  for the super
heavyweight England's Joyce vs Goodall.
Samir El Mais vs David Light

For the  women's middlweight
Canada's Ariane Fortain vs 
Englands Savannah Marshall
Men's middleweight:
Fowler vs Coyle.

The Final Round: the champions
Saturday, August 2, 2014 ??

Flyweight:      Nicola Adams
Lightweight:   S  Watts
Middleweight:  Savannah Marshall

Light Fly:     Paddy Barnes   
Flyweight:   Andrew Maloney
Bantam:        M Conlan
Light:              Charlie Flynn
Light welter:  Josh Taylor
Welter:              Scott Fitzgerald                     
Middle:              Anthony Fowler
Light-heavy:   Nyika
Heavy:             Samir El Mais
Super H.:          Joe Joyce

2014 Commonwealth Games boxing

Commonwealth Games boxing -
Glasgow 2014: by brian zelley

* the action has started with some Boxers moving forward into the top 16.

Canada's Custio Clayton earned a victory in the prelim round of action and moves to the top 16 in his weight division.

(file photo including two of the Games boxers
Custio Clayton and Brody Blair)
*  Custio has won his Monday bout 
and moves forward into
the top 8

* A surprise for Wales as their star ANDREW SELBY
was eliminated in the prelim action by the Scottish boxer
Reece McFadden.

(file photo) 

Reece McFadden
Without a doubt, Reece is the
surprise of the 2014 Games.
And, for Scotland he is expected
to be a star beyond the Games.

The real important part of the story
* the real story is not about the medal or who wins what it is about each boxer and how they made the selection to reprent their nation.

We can look back at some of the stories of each competitor and bob and weave our way through their individual journey with trials and tribulations
*One example is a boxer fom Australia
It was 2012 and  Daniel Lewis had hopes for the
Olympics in London, but during a bout with
Cameron Hammond he suffered a broken jaw 
but finished  the bout but his hopes and dreams were dashed for a moment in time.  Daniel Lewis had
fought back to earn a place in Glasgow in 2014.
And there is still those hopes and dreams
For a spot on the 2016 Olympic team for Rio.

For Canadian boxer Custio Clayton, it is a different
story.  Clayton was in the 2012 Olympics but in a
bout that would have guaranteed him at least a
bronze medal, he lost in a controversial decision
against Welsh boxer Freddy Evans. 
So Clayton remains in the game with a goal ofearning a spot for the 2015 Pan Am and 2016 Rio Olympics.

Then we have Canadian middleweight
Brody Blair who has had an interesting
boxing journey with greater hopes
(photos of Brody Blair of Canada)
Team England
* two early winners were
Joe Joyce and Scott Fitzgerald.
Others will see action on Saturday.
***** Saturday Action *****
Some names for Saturday evening
Josh Taylor Zack Davies, Sean Duffy,
Antony Fowler, Mark Lucas,
Brody Blair, Michael Gardiner

Canada's A. Biyarslanov faces
Musah Lawson of Ghana on
Saturday afternoon.
The Action
Welsh boxer Joe Cordina
over England's Pat McCormack
Cordina moves on to face
Canada's David Gauthier
England's Sam Maxwell wins 
his preliinary bout.

Some of the advancing names
Mark Lucas, Australia
Brody Blair, Canada
Josh Taylor, Scotland
Sam Maxwell, England

Women In Boxing
2014 Commonwealth Games

* There is a good selection of women boxers
for this first ever time for
women's boxing in the Games.

One top name from England is
Nicola Adams of Leeds who
became the first woman to win
Olympic gold in the
2012 London Olympics
* another solid performer is

Two solid boxers from Canada are:
Arianne Fortin and Mandy Bujold

More Action
Scotland's Reese McFadden
wins in another bout along with 
Scotland's Josh Taylor.
Joe Cordina, keeps the flame alive for the
Welsh boxing team with a victory
Canada's David Gauthier
Charlie Flynn over Nick Cooney.
Stephen Lavelle over Kody Davie
Monday Action
Some interesting bouts for Monday
* Woods vs McGoldrick
and plenty of other quality bouts.
Custio Clayton wins.
Anthony Fowler 
to top 8.
Benny Maziyo of Zambia
wins big over Brody Blair.
Sean McGoldrick wins over
Jackson Woods to move
to top eight.
Australia's Daniel Lewis
marches on to top 8.
A. Fowler of England
to the top 8.
Paddy Barnes wins
Kristy Harris wins
Nicola Adams wins

For Australia's Daniel Lewis
considering his story, he has
returned in fine form.

Future Bouts of Interest

Josh Taylor  vs  Zack Davies
(Scotland vs Wales)
"The Scotsman"
"Commowealth Games 
Lewis Benson out"

The Sydney Morning Herald"
"Kristy Harris wins
as women star" - Phil Lutton

More Action  and Results  -Tuesday

Reece McFadden, Charlie Flynn, Josh Taylor,
Molony, Joyce, Goodall, S. Watts,
J. Fitzpatrick,  Sam Maxwell,
S. Duffy, K. Scott.
Arianne Fortin, Lauren Price, 
and Savannah Marshall
*Hartlepool's  Marshall started boxing
under the directon of coach Tim Coulter.
Newport's Lauren Price has the
"fire and ice" philosophy.

Empire/Commonwealth Games

Moments in History

1994 Canadian Team members
Victoria, BC

Jack Meda - 1970

Frank Scott - 1966

Scotty Olson

Wilfie Greaves
Gold 1954

2010 Delhi
Alex Rynn


Wednesday happenings

More quarter finals
including women boxers

Canada's Mandy Bujold to face Kristy Harris.

Some of the other names in action:
M. Conlan, S. McGoldrick, J. Ham, 
Samir El Mais, Nicole Adams, E. deSilva
C, Clayton vs S. Donnelly
Fitzgerald vs Morgan

Boxers guaranteed a medal
from action July 30th.

Samir El Mais, Mandy Bujold

Conlan, McGoldrick, Ashfaq, 
Njangiru, Lavelle, Apochi, Light
Walsh, Nicola Adams, Audley
Arianne Fortin
S. Donnelly

Donnelly wins over 
Canada's Custio Clayton.
Semi Finals

Walsh ** Rani ** Bujold
Adams ** Waseem ** Omar
McFadden ** Moloney ** Ashfaq
Njangiru **  Conlan ** McGoldrick
Maxwell ** Taylor ** Duffy
Jonas **  St. Pierre **  Thorley
McGlinchey ** Nyika ** Szkabembe
Joyce ** Ajagba ** Goodall
Audley ** Watts ** Devi
Machong ** Fortin ** Price
Oloke  *******  Marshall

Williams **  Lashram ** Barnes
Kaggawa ** Cordina ** Flynn
Alexander ** Fitzpatrick

Mbenge ** Fitzgerald  
Jangra ** Donnelly ** Vuender
Coyle ** Fowler ** Muziyo
El Mais * Apochi 
Lavelle ***** Light
Thoughts and memories

* English boxer Sam Maxwell
has pointed the finger at 
Tom Stalker has helping earn
that Bronze medal bout

"Sam Maxwell reveals pre-fight 
pep talk from Tom Stalker helped
his medal win"
"Liverpool Echo" by Phil Kirkbride.
Tom Stalker, second