Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Honourary Inductees BCABHoF

2015 BCABHoF Honourary Inductees: 
by Brian Zelley

* As part of the continued growth of the
British Columbia Amateur Boxing 
Hall of Fame, year six will consider
the following five greats as "Honourary Inductees":

Barney Ross, George Chuvalo, Jimmy McLarnin,
Muhammad Ali and Rocky Marciano

                                      Muhammad Ali

                                                             Barney Ross - Boxer
                                           Barney giving boxer Jimmy Walters pointers in 1954
                                                at the "Sun Golden Gloves in Vancouve

Guest referee and speaker


George Chuvalo

Induction Process

At the present time folks are
being given an opportunity to
discuss if these five should
be inducted as honourary members.

If it is decided to induct them
steps will be taken
to highlight their stories.

Names In Support

Brian Zelley,  Carol Skanks, Gardipy Donyvon
Justin Pagani, Robert E. Shannon, Scott Galloway,
     Robbie MGregor, Asif Dar, Scotty Olson,  

               Victor Hernandez , Hugo Corral , Rick Gagne 


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