Friday, January 8, 2010

October 1984

BC AMATEUR BOXING NEWS - October 1984 - Editor, Brian Zelley

For the month of October, there wasn't much in the way of current news to report, but communications with folks like Jerry Shears (Quebec) and Ainslie Frame of Ottawa's "Beaver Boxing Club" did provide some National data such as a focus on
Ontario boxer Steve Beaupre and the list of the 1984 National Champions.

In Seniors it was Steve Beaupre to Lennox Lewis in Intermediate it was Vitto Salvatore to S. Hervieux and in the Juniors held in Burnaby, BC it was Norman Tynes to Willy Curry. As a special awards judge along with Tommy Yule and Glynn Jones it
was a time of concentration watching all the Junior bouts in detail when it got down to the final selection it wasn't easy picking between Eric Grenier, Scotty Olson and Stewart Hilton. But, Grenier was picked in 1984.

An added addition to the News was a submission by Carol Brown of Gold River - she sent two photos of Canadian boxer Greg Johnson sparring with Alan Brown and break dancing in the Village Square.

A real special part of the edition was listing Canada's carded amateur boxers 1972 to 1984.
How many remember names like - Ian Clyde, Cleve Denny, Bryan Gibson, Kevin Howard, George Mason,
the Nolan folks Brian, Frank & Steve Nolan and others such as Carmen Rinke and Lawrence Rolfe.