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COUNTERPUNCH for BOXING: by Brian Zelley

The above link will show several paragraphs from
a 1992 op ed piece that I did in Victoria's

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EMILE GRIFFITH, champion boxer

EMILE GRIFFITH - an Elite world champion

By Brian Zelley

The March 1964 issue of 
Boxing & Wrestling" magazine
was just one of many magazines 
that would have Emile on the
front cover in the Sixties.

There was also a feature article
by John F. X. Condon titled
"A Tiger In The Closet"
which was one of the early
articles that would  look at
the three time welterweight
champion looking at the
middleweights and the
champion DICK TIGER. 

Looking back to those mid
Sixties, Emile was likely
my favorite boxer but 
former champion Floyd Patterson was also on the top of the like list
along with other champions and former champions such as Willie Pastrano,
Eddie Perkins and Eder Jofre.  But, I believed Emile to be the best 
champions.  Years later, another magazine "Boxing Illustrated"
woul pick Emile Griffith as the best of the Sixties, and in the
early Seventies, he was also my choice.

His last Welterweight Title Fight

Emile's last welterweight title fight would be against the slick
boxer from Houston, Texas by the name of Manuel Gonzalez,
Manny had defeated Emile in a non-title fight but in the title
fight. Emile would not be denied.  
                   EMILE GRIFFITH vs MANUEL "Manny" GONZALEZ
                      *the last welterweight title fight for Emile Griffith

Manny Gonzalez:  A slick boxer

It would be a few years
after the Griffith fights
that I would have a 
chance to meet with 
Manny along with
trainer Billy DeFoe.

We would talk about
such boxers as Emile,
Joe Brown, Cleveland
Williams and others.

*At the end of the day
and likely forever 
and GONZALEZ along
will always be in my top 
ten "like" list of boxers.

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Commonwealth  Champions which
were at first the British Empire Champions
have a rich history over the decades of in
all the weight divisions including the
new ones that have been added from 

Looking far and wide they have come
from all regions of the world from Encland, Canaada, Ausralia
and other parts of the Commonwealth.  Take the bantamweight
division that had the likes of Alan Rudkin of England and
Lionel Rose of Australia and the many others.

The Bantamweights
1969 to 2013"
Lionel Rose
Alan Rudkin
Paul Ferreri
Sulley Shittu
Johnny Owen
Ray Minus
Johnny Armour
Paul Lloyd
Adey Lewis
Tommy Waite
Nicky Booth
Steve Molitor
Joseph Agbeko
Tshifhiwa Munya
Jason Booth
Jamie McDonnell
Stuart Hill


One could go back to the earlier days with heavyweights
that were also world stars such Henry Cooper and George Chuvalo  
but looking back to the eighties there have been some standouts
on the world stage:

The Heavyweights:
1981 to 2013
Trevor Berbick
Horace Notice
Derek Williams
Lennox Lewis
Henry Akinwande
Scott Welch
Julius Francis
Danny Williams
Michael Sprott
Matt Skelton
Martin Rogan
Sam Sexton
Dereck Chisora 
Tyson Fury
David Price

Lennox Lewis

The Lennox Lewis  story is 
of interest to both the
Canadians and the English.
English born Lewis would
move to Canada has a chile
and begin amateur boxing
in the Province of Ontario.
He would have an excellent 
amateur record which 
would include two trips to
the Olympic Games 
in 1984 and 1988.  In the
'88 Games,  Lennox would
win gold.  But, to begin his
professional journey, Lewis
would return to London,
England to work his way
up the ladder to win a 
Commonwealth  title 
and then he would earn a world heavyweight title.


The above starts with a brief introduction and then touches on the first boxer being
ALAN RUDKIN.  Alan had an interesting boxing journey, and won the 
British Empire/Commonwealth bantamweight title with a victory of 
JOHNNY CALDWELL  who had won the vacant title with a victory over
GEORGE BOWES in 1964. An earlier champion of the bantamweight title

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MARCUS HUME, Prince George boxer


A New Beginning
photo of coach 
Wayne Sponagle, 
Marcus Hume
prior to the 
new beginning


Marcus Hume is an amateur boxer from Prince George, who 
has left the British Columbia Amateur Boxing Association and
will be trying a new version of amateur boxing through an
alternative group.  Alos, the long running club which he has
been a part,  the Prince Georgre "Spruce Capital Warriors"
boxing club, now under the direction of Wayne Sponagle
have not renewed their membership with Boxing BC  and
will be part of an alternative group.

To appreciate the previous journey of Marcus, we need to step
back in time to to about 2006 to 2008 to follow his journey.

2007/2008: The sign on the wall:

* There were two fights that Marcus had with a boxer
by the name of Ledger from the Peace River Shamrock
boxing club which would demonstrate the range and 
ring ability of the Prince George ring warrior Hume.
Marcus would show great versatility with the use of the
jab, uppercuts and body punching and the ability to 
execute good combinations.

High Expectations:  A Coaches view:

Coach of Marcus Hume and Thomas Speirs
is not afraid to tell it like he thinks it is as
demonstrated in the recent story in 
"Prince George Citizen" in a March 6th. 
story by Jason Peters:

Well the positive views of an old coach to support
his two boxers should not be a great big shocker,
but a departure from reality often gets in the way
of story telling and could lead us into the world
of fiction and fantasy far from the documented
facts and records.