Friday, July 26, 2013

KIM KLAVEL, Canadian boxer


International Boxing Championships to Be Held in Cornwall

* the above story is old, but it introduces us to
Canadian national team member Kim Klavel.
But, to get the full story of the Klavel boxing journey
we need to step back before the international 
women's boxing tournament in Cornwall.

Kim is presently a member of 
the Canadian National women's
team along with some higher profile
boxers such as Mandy Bujold,
Sandra Bizier, and Mary Spencer, 
but for Kim it is just one step at at a 

time.  She does have good speed of hand 
and has good movement, but of course
there are a few areas where she could 
improve to take it to the next level. 

Back in time and the gym is the class room:

*the potential for Montreal's Kim Klavel is wide open with
possibilities galore, but she is young enough and has time
to climb higher in the International ratings for a shot at
a potential Olympic Games dream subject to weight 
divisions and the long hard selection process.

Stepping Back to 2012 for Kim:
The Montreal boxer did not make it to the Cornwall
event by accident.  If we step back in time, some may
remember those sweet words by CBC Sports reports in
May 2012 which made us all take note when we read:
"Montreal's Kim Klavel advances to women's world
boxing quarter finals."

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Messages and Memories, 2013 Canadian Golden Gloves

Beyond the action comes the messages and memories flowing from the voices of those
that were part of the event or the casual viewers from far and near.

BRAD KATONA speaks  about his victory and his plans:


Raquel's contribution to the event began before the opening bell
with a series of stories leading up to the event and the action.

Some of the quotes gathere by Raquel

Mike Power talks: 
* Mike is quoted as saying he can hardly wait until the 2014 tournament.

BOB PEGUES praises BC boxers:

THE RING OFFICIAL speaks loud and clear:

.It was great to have a solid performance from Boxing Manitoba's boxers, coaches and ring officials.  Keep
the bright lights burning as we move forward to 2014

Saturday, July 20, 2013

2013 Canadian Golden Gloves - The Last Round

2013: THE LAST ROUND: by Brian Zelley

As the final bell rings, and the curtain closed, Boxing Canada
has left a big footprint in the sans of time wit the success of
the first ever Canadian Golden Gloves championships.

Through this blog and others and special sites, the story
has been told and all the names of the boxers hav been
mentioned from the novice to the senior open boxers. 

* The senior open male boxers that went all the way
with wins and the gold medal are:

Rodolfo Velasquez,  Brendan Leaman,
Jessie Wilcox, Vincent Thibeault,  Eric Bazinyan and
Miljas Mladen. The Brad Katona vs David Gauthier bout
was a split decision which was no unexpected.   

Rising Stars Shine: THE GOLDEN GLOVES, Rozicki’s gold


Rozicki’s gold adds to Cape Breton’s medal haul at national boxing event | The Chronicle Herald

Only four boxers from Cape Breton were scheduled to take part in the event
at Cornwall.  But, when we look at the story about Ryan Rozicki is one of the 
success stories of this historical Canadian Golden Gloves along with his club mates.  

CANADIAN GOLDEN GLOVES - 2013 - The stars Shine

ONE FACE, ONE STORY   Beyond the Golden Gloves: by Brian Zelley
As we travel through the Canadian golden gloves drama in Cornwall  for some
 of the elite open boxers like Mandy Bujold, the golden gloves was
 just one more tournament along an extended journey with hope for a much
bigger destination. 

Change of scenery adds punch to Bujold’s career
Detail of that destination down the road is touched on in the
recent story above.   A change of location, a change of coaches
and a new purpose aimed at  Rio in 2016, But, the distance 
between a new gym in Ontario in 2013 and a two way ticket to Rio

 in 2016 will not be easy.  

Friday, July 19, 2013


Day 3 of Action for Friday Night Fights: 

Note: these are not senior open championship bouts, but it is an interesting
take on the tournament that gives many another chance for
additional activity and experience:   A BULL'S EYE DECISION 

For the novice boxer, this is a "golden opportunity"
to get additional experience facing a boxer 
from a different region of the country
an example is:Nova Scotia vs Alberta
in the super heavyweight division 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Canadian Golden Gloves, day 2 of bouts

Brand does not disappoint

Some of the results as posted by Boxing Canada

* As I have mentioned the lightweight division appears to be a top division
and the final should be a great battle between 
Brad Katona and David Gauthier
Manitoba faces Quebec

But there will be great expectations
when the featherweights fly high
an Ontario showdown
Bradley Wilcox vs  Rodolfo Velasquez

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

THE OPENING BELL Canadian Golden Gloves


* from the Boxing Canada schedule: July 17th Action

* The first two scheduled: 
Erica Ravello of Saskatchewan and 
Chelsea Charles  of Ontario.
           Chelsea Charles - 2013 Canadian Golden Gloves

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Canadian Boxing's PAT KELLY and RAY NAPPER sr.

Two Legends of Boxing:

 Pat Kelly and Ray Napper Sr. 

Honouring two legendary coaches | Sports | Niagara Falls Review

Canadian Golden Gloves Championship

The Pre - tournament buzz: Canadian GG

*The pre-tournament has now begun in preparation to this first
ever Canadian Golden Gloves championship sanctioned by 
Boxing Canada for Cornwall.

* the boxing stories begin: 
Golden Gloves Championship Coming to Cornwall
the story by Bob Peters indicates the event will take place at the
Nav Centre, July 16 -20th., 2013 

* news from Saskatchewan with Justin Trudeau, leader of 
the Canadian Liberal party was in attendance at the 
Regina Boxing Club to recognize amateur boxing and show
support for the 2013 Canadian Golden Gloves. 

*Previous thread re. connecting the event to a 67 year dream:

Senior Men's Lightweight Division
* It they all make it to the starting gate, the senior lightweight
division should be one of the best with a solid line-up

                                           (file photo by Dorothy Zelley)  
                       Jag Seehra and coach Bob Pegues - 2010 BC Golden Gloves

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Canadian Golden Gloves -Dreams Never Die?

The Canadian Golden Gloves

By Brian Zelley

The effort needed to get
support for the sport of
amateur boxing is never
easy.  Behind every 
corner there will be 
another pitfall, or 
another barrier, and
the negative voices.
But, all things are 
possible for the sport
of amateur boxing including: public awareness, acceptance and growth.
The idea of a Canadian Golden Gloves was a good idea in 1946, but
for a long list of reasons, it never came to be, and "Billy's dream"
was just another what if story for 67 years.  But, the soon to be
Canadian Golden Gloves will turn the what ifs into the symbolic
theme song: "Dreams Never Die"

"Dreams Never Die"
* The decision by Boxing Canada to sanction 
the first ever "Canadian Golden Gloves" in 
July 2013 from Cornwall, Ontario in itself is
an historical moment.  But there is a side story
that supports the claim that "Dreams Never Die",

"Billy's Dream" - February 1946, Vancouver, BC

Back in 1946, William J. Finlay was a promotions
manager of the "Vancouver Sun" newspaper and
was the key person to support the start of what was
called "The Sun" Golden Gloves in Vancouver.  
However, in 1946 "Billy's Dream" was made public
in the Golden Gloves program of 1946 when Billy
mentioned his overall goal was to have a Canadian
national golden gloves event where the west to meet
the east which would provide an important opportunity
for those that participate in Canadian amateur boxing. 

BC Golden Gloves history

* the history of the BC Golden Gloves is a long
and interesting story, but the reality of a Canadian
Golden Gloves appeared to be lost through the 
passages of time.  But, the efforts and decisions by
key folks in Boxing Canada will make "Billy's Dream"
of 1946 come alive in 2013.  In other words, the event
will support the words of an old song:
"The Dream Never Dies"

Golden Gloves' the links:
the above link touches on those early golden gloves
including the 1946 Sun Golden Gloves in which
"Billy's Dream" re. Canadian Golden Gloves was
first mentioned. 

More Golden Gloves background:

Monday, July 8, 2013

2014 BC AMATEUR BOXING HALL OF FAME, Potential Nominees

2014 BC AMATEUR BOXING HALL OF FAME, Potential Nominees
The link above list names of potentials with some good choices.

The Next Round: 

The list above lists some of the potential nominees, but even if they
are nominated in September 2013 there are no guarantees that
they will be selected.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

"Jolting" Jonah Arbuckle

JOLTING JONAH prevails: by brian zelley

* On June 15th at Moncton, "Jolting" Jonah Arbuckle won his 
pro bout on the Last Round production.

* On May 18th, the National Boxing Authority described 
Jonah as follows:
"Jonah Arbuckle is an experienced and skillful boxer."

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Names in Canadian Boxing

Whose who in the image journey:
*  Beyond the hype and the spin, numbers do count
and from a Canadian point of view in the here and now
these names have risen to the top in the rankings
based on various rankings and polls:

* Adam Trupish, Adonis Stevenson,  Alex Rynn, Alison Arenault,  
Andrew Kooner, Arash Usmanee, Ariane Fortin, Bob Pegues,
Billy Townsend, Brandon Brewer, Brian Zelley, Chris Johnson, 
Custio Clayton, Didier Bence, Derrick Hoyt, Doug Bolianatz,
Frank Fiacco Graham McIntosh, Jean Pascal, Joe Sandulo, 
Kenny Lally, Michael Strange, Mickey Sims,  Mikael Zewski, 
Paul MacKenzie, Philip Baraly, Rosemary Page and 
Samir El Mais. Also a recent jump is Fitz Vanderpool
nd the late Arturo Gatti.  

 the Canadian Boxing Wall of Fame: 

The Next Round - 2014
*  Forty more names will be added to the 60 in 2014, and one name
that will receive special attention will be DWAYNE STOREY.