Friday, July 26, 2013

KIM KLAVEL, Canadian boxer


International Boxing Championships to Be Held in Cornwall

* the above story is old, but it introduces us to
Canadian national team member Kim Klavel.
But, to get the full story of the Klavel boxing journey
we need to step back before the international 
women's boxing tournament in Cornwall.

Kim is presently a member of 
the Canadian National women's
team along with some higher profile
boxers such as Mandy Bujold,
Sandra Bizier, and Mary Spencer, 
but for Kim it is just one step at at a 

time.  She does have good speed of hand 
and has good movement, but of course
there are a few areas where she could 
improve to take it to the next level. 

Back in time and the gym is the class room:

*the potential for Montreal's Kim Klavel is wide open with
possibilities galore, but she is young enough and has time
to climb higher in the International ratings for a shot at
a potential Olympic Games dream subject to weight 
divisions and the long hard selection process.

Stepping Back to 2012 for Kim:
The Montreal boxer did not make it to the Cornwall
event by accident.  If we step back in time, some may
remember those sweet words by CBC Sports reports in
May 2012 which made us all take note when we read:
"Montreal's Kim Klavel advances to women's world
boxing quarter finals."

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