Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Canadian Golden Gloves -Dreams Never Die?

The Canadian Golden Gloves

By Brian Zelley

The effort needed to get
support for the sport of
amateur boxing is never
easy.  Behind every 
corner there will be 
another pitfall, or 
another barrier, and
the negative voices.
But, all things are 
possible for the sport
of amateur boxing including: public awareness, acceptance and growth.
The idea of a Canadian Golden Gloves was a good idea in 1946, but
for a long list of reasons, it never came to be, and "Billy's dream"
was just another what if story for 67 years.  But, the soon to be
Canadian Golden Gloves will turn the what ifs into the symbolic
theme song: "Dreams Never Die"

"Dreams Never Die"
* The decision by Boxing Canada to sanction 
the first ever "Canadian Golden Gloves" in 
July 2013 from Cornwall, Ontario in itself is
an historical moment.  But there is a side story
that supports the claim that "Dreams Never Die",

"Billy's Dream" - February 1946, Vancouver, BC

Back in 1946, William J. Finlay was a promotions
manager of the "Vancouver Sun" newspaper and
was the key person to support the start of what was
called "The Sun" Golden Gloves in Vancouver.  
However, in 1946 "Billy's Dream" was made public
in the Golden Gloves program of 1946 when Billy
mentioned his overall goal was to have a Canadian
national golden gloves event where the west to meet
the east which would provide an important opportunity
for those that participate in Canadian amateur boxing. 

BC Golden Gloves history

* the history of the BC Golden Gloves is a long
and interesting story, but the reality of a Canadian
Golden Gloves appeared to be lost through the 
passages of time.  But, the efforts and decisions by
key folks in Boxing Canada will make "Billy's Dream"
of 1946 come alive in 2013.  In other words, the event
will support the words of an old song:
"The Dream Never Dies"

Golden Gloves' the links:
the above link touches on those early golden gloves
including the 1946 Sun Golden Gloves in which
"Billy's Dream" re. Canadian Golden Gloves was
first mentioned. 

More Golden Gloves background:

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