Saturday, July 20, 2013

CANADIAN GOLDEN GLOVES - 2013 - The stars Shine

ONE FACE, ONE STORY   Beyond the Golden Gloves: by Brian Zelley
As we travel through the Canadian golden gloves drama in Cornwall  for some
 of the elite open boxers like Mandy Bujold, the golden gloves was
 just one more tournament along an extended journey with hope for a much
bigger destination. 

Change of scenery adds punch to Bujold’s career
Detail of that destination down the road is touched on in the
recent story above.   A change of location, a change of coaches
and a new purpose aimed at  Rio in 2016, But, the distance 
between a new gym in Ontario in 2013 and a two way ticket to Rio

 in 2016 will not be easy.  

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