Saturday, July 20, 2013

2013 Canadian Golden Gloves - The Last Round

2013: THE LAST ROUND: by Brian Zelley

As the final bell rings, and the curtain closed, Boxing Canada
has left a big footprint in the sans of time wit the success of
the first ever Canadian Golden Gloves championships.

Through this blog and others and special sites, the story
has been told and all the names of the boxers hav been
mentioned from the novice to the senior open boxers. 

* The senior open male boxers that went all the way
with wins and the gold medal are:

Rodolfo Velasquez,  Brendan Leaman,
Jessie Wilcox, Vincent Thibeault,  Eric Bazinyan and
Miljas Mladen. The Brad Katona vs David Gauthier bout
was a split decision which was no unexpected.   

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