Sunday, November 25, 2012



The Nominees for 2013"

- by brian w. zelley, former boxer, coach and official of British Columbia.

* So far  as we close in on the end of 2012, we have nominees galore for
our 2013 selection process that should begin in July 2013.  So who are they
and what have they contributed to gather the support of boxing folks and
win the day from those that have the difficult task of selecting some of the many?

Early Support for Eight of the Nominees:

*Support may or may not equal success, but the eight leading nominees
with good early support include:
Ron Whalley, Mickey Griffin, Derrick Hoyt, Gordie Lawson,
Jack Snaith, Sid McKnight, Gary Wood and Jim Gallagher.

*But some of the others are getting a little support:
Three of those folks are Teresa Taylor, Jim Howie, 
 and Ed Williams.

* It is expected that folks like Dick St. Louis, Vic Murdoch,
Cliff Ballendine, Ralph Galloway, and Boyd Bayne will win
 some more support.

But, likely the late George Nepper from the Sixties will get 
overlooked as he is not known to many of the folks that are
members of the facebook site.  There are others that may
do well by July 2013 such as Jeannine Garside.

*   the late Ron Whalley is a well known 
official in British Columbia, 
Canada and from International 

Gordie Lawson rocks on
to another victory in 
Lawson began his boxing
in September 1967 as a
new member of the Vancouver
Firefighters Boxing Club.

The Progress Continues with more names:
newest nominee is Wally Doern, builder

2 Rivers boxing coach 
Wally Doern to the left 
of Prince George coach
Bob Pegues at the 2010
BC Golden Gloves.

A new addition to the list; GEORONIMO BIE:

Monday, November 19, 2012

NICKY FURLANO, a Canadian champion
The official fan site for Canadian boxer Nicky Furlono
established by noted boxing authority Lou Joshua Essen.

The Nicky Furlano boxing journey: by brian zelley


I first heard about Nicky Furlano many years ago during his early days
as a professional boxing, but in recent years, I have got to communicatie
with Nicky and many of his friends and fans.  In recent months, Nicky was
one of 18 folks that became the core group of inductees in the 

     *a showcase of some outstanding boxers form Ontario over the years

Nicky like many top professional boxers had his beginnings in
amateur boxing.  He would box from Ontario and would be a
classy amateur, but his path in the sport would not travel 

To understand and appreciate the excellence of Nicky, it
is important to get back to the about section of the 
"the official fan site of Nicky Furlano" prepared by
Lou J.  Essen:
"The official Nicky Furlano FB Fan Page is dedicated  to
celebrating the tremendous accomplishments both in and
out of the ring of one of Canada's most beloved athletes and
greatest ever lightweight champion Nicky Furlano."


Nicky had an interesting pro boxing journey that lasted from 1976
to 1984 with some Canadian, North American and word titles on 
the line.

Furlano made his pro debut on October 23, 1976 with a victory over
Danny Stokes, and closed out in 1984 with a stoppage of boxer
Rick Spencer at the Varsity Stadium in Toronto, Ontario.

In the interim, Nicky fought his share of world class bouts against
some of Canada's and the world's best boxers.  Some names that
must be mentioned include:
Al Ford, Gaetan Hart, Davey Lee Armstrong and Aaron Pryor.

* when another boxer things so much of  one of the all time greats such
as Willie Pep, it is likely they would produce some of the same skills.
And, by all accounts, Nicky Furlano was one of Canada's technically
skilled champions who understood the importance of effective movement.