Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pacific Northwest boxing: McMillan, Lampkin, Scott, Knight

THE FOUR ACES: By Brian Zelley

Looking back to the 1966 to 1968 time period, the four best boxers that I faced
in the ring were: 
 Frankie Scott,  Jimmy McMillan, Ray Lampkin and Neil Knight.
                     BRIAN ZELLEY vs   NEIL KNIGHT
                                   All Star Boxing, Seattle

                                           RAY LAMPKIN
                                     Tacoma Golden Gloves
                                        Seattle Golden Glove
                           1967 B C Golden Boy runner-up
                              1968 BC Golden  Golden Boy

                                        FRANK SCOTT
                                      Oregon Golden Gloves
                                        BC Golden Gloves

                                     bottom left photo
                                       following the fight
                                       Canadian Champion
                                      JIMMY MCMILLAN
                                   and preparing for next bout
                                            Del Deugau

Monday, May 20, 2013


Looking Back to the Hastings Boxing Club

* Photo incldes former Hasting's 
boxer Clint Page.

Reprint from BC Boxing News and the
Canadian Amateur Boxing site:  by brian zelley

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Percy Cove

Percy Chamberlain (boxing name Percy Cove)

A Fallen Boxer - WW I

Sunday, May 12, 2013

MAY ring memories

BOXING ring moments in May: By Brian Zelley

Starting with 1955, there have been some interesting
title fights in the month of May beginning with the
heavyweights and the flyweights,  In May 1955,
heavyweight champion stopped Don Cockell in California
and Pascuel Perez stopps Yoshio Shirai in Tokyo.

For 1956 and 1957, it was May victories for Sugar Ray ROBINSON
stopping Bobo OLSON in Los Angeles, and regaining the title
that he lost to Gene FULLMER with a perfect one punch knockout
in the 5th roud of the middleweight title fight in Chicago.
But, in 1958, it was lightweight champion JOE BROWN stopping
Ralph Dupas in Houston. To close out the decade of May moments
it would be FLOYD PATTERSON stopping Brian London in a
heavyweight ttle fight.

The Sixties:
Various month of May title bouts in the Sixties with some being
Benny Paret over Don Jordan, Harold Johnson over Doug Jones
and controversy in 1965 with MUHAMMAD ALI stopping SONNY LISTON
in the first round in a bout at Lewiston refereed by Jersey Joe Walcott.

A significant bout in 1968, was BOB FOSTER stopping DICK TIGER
and ten years later in the light-heavyweight division it would be
VICTOR GALINDEZ over YAQUI LOPEZ in May of '78.  For the
Canadians, the light-heavyweight bout with DONNY LALAONDE 
stopping LESLIE STEWART was an important slice of history
for Canadian boxing that took place in May of '88.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Chris Norrad - 2013 Active Canadian Boxers

The Chris Norrad story: by Brian Zelley
Chris Norrad - Boxer (ring record)

The professional journey of boxer Norrad takes shape in 2009
with his pro debut against Colin Brown.   The bout was held at
"Tim Horton's 4-Ice Centre" in Moncton.

Chris is a tall cruiserweight with all of his bouts taking place in his
 home province of New Brunswick including his last fight that
took place in 2012 against the veteran Frank White.  The bout
between Norrad and White was listed as a title bout for
the NABA Canadian cruiserweight title which was won by Chris.
Ring officials for the title bout were referee Roger Doiron, and judges
Paul Doiron, Bob LeBlanc and Jonah Arbuckle.

The Next Big Round:

* For the "Boisetown Banger" his next bout coming up on May 11th
should be of interest to many fans from New Brunswick and Quebec.
Norrad face undefeated Alexander 'the brickman' Hamel.  In another
part of the double main event prospect Brendan Brewer faces 
Montreal's Emmanuel Guzman. 

In preparation for the fights, Chris Norrad has been working at the
Fredericton Boxing Club.  Also, Brewer has been sparring with
Canadian amateur champion Brody Blair.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


The Ranker List of our Inductees: (below)

news from Ranker, that this list has hit over a 1,000 views.
It includes the list of all those that have been inducted from 
2010 to 2013.  

Some of the names, also include automatic links to the
Wikipedia pages relating to specific individuals
where possible.  Of course, many of our inductees or
other alumni do not have Wikipedia pages set=up by
one or more boxing historians.  However, one set-up 
for the BC Golden Gloves includes the names of many.

George Shiels is one of the inductees between 2010 and 2013
and was one of the coaches of the 
Campbell River Eagles Boxing Club
Freddy Fuller and Elio Ius
are part of the core group of 15

Monday, May 6, 2013

BOB "the Comeback Kid" PEGUES

By Brian Zelley

* The photo was from an old boxing
card in Nanaimo in the mid-Seventies
when Bob Pegues, one of the 
original members of the newly
formed Nanaimo Boxing Club in 1971
faced Olympic boxer Les Hamilton
who is considered by many as being
the best, or close to the best amateur
boxers of British Columbia in the '40's.

In May 2013, at Prince George, the
former boxer and now boxing coach
of a Prince George boxing club, and 
coach of two of BC's top rated 
senior open boxers, Kenny Lally and
Jag Seehra, will be making a comeback
in the ring when he faces current 
president of Boxing BC in a special

The long awaited Comeback:
It has been a long long time
since boxer Bob Pegues
engaged in actual ring
activity with the boxing
gloves on instead of the
usual working tools while
cornering his boxers such 
as Lally and Seehra.  

Stepping into the ring to
face the now seasoned
veteran of BC amateur
boxing will be the 
President of Boxing BC, 
Mickey Sims who has 
been active in senior's
boxing which is listed 
as Master's boxing.

Looking back to the
boxing story of the
"Comeback Kid", Bob Pegues we need to step back in time
to 1969.  At the time, I had just returned to Nanaimo after
completing a year at UBC in Vancouver when a teenager
by the name of Bob approached me to ask about setting
up a boxing club following the final days of the 
Newcastle Boxing Club.  Some training was started at
a church hall for a brief period, but an official club would
not be opened until 1971. 
 the old boxing club
Newcastle Boxing
which closed in 1968

the old coach 
George Nepper still
had a vision that
boxing would return
to Nanaimo, and kept
all the old equipment.

* due in part to the 
visions of Mr. Nepper
and the opes of the
teenage, Bob Pegues, the Nanaimo Boxing Club was formed by
Dan Wright and Brian Zelley with assistance from Nepper and 
John Ormandy.  After the opening, Les Varro agreed to join and
assist in the coaching, then steps were taken to register theclub 
with the British Columbia Amateur Boxing Association. 

Those Early Years:

Bob Pegues would be one of the original boxers, and
during the Seventies, the club would grow and be
one of the top clubs in British Columbia with many
active boxers such as:  Dan Wright, Clark MacLellan,
Bob Pegues, Darreb Lussier, Wayne Peace, Mickey
Griffin, Barry Creswell and Jack Snaith.  Clark 
would also assist in coaching with other help from
John Ormandy and others.  

Beyond The Ring Activity of Pegues:

As time drifted beyond
the seventies, Bob still
had that dream for a 
boxing club, but it was
not Nanaimo that would
see him establish his 
own boxing club.  The
location was Prince George.

Bob in the dressing room prior to a fight for one of his boxers

over the years, Bob would not only train his boxers
in Prince George, but would also travel to such places
as England to be part of a coaching team for Canadian
boxers on a boxing tour, and be involved in hosting
various club shows and tournaments.

But, he would also travel within British Columbia to
corner his or other boxers and get them ready for action.

Boxer Jag Seehra along with Bob Pegues, participating in the
2010 BC Golden Gloves tournament held in Langford, Greater Victoria
in April 2010. (photo by Dorothy Zelley)

The Great Comeback in 2013:
So, Bob and the great boxing comeback, adds another element to 
the interesting boxing journey to the one they call Bob Pegues.