Sunday, May 12, 2013

MAY ring memories

BOXING ring moments in May: By Brian Zelley

Starting with 1955, there have been some interesting
title fights in the month of May beginning with the
heavyweights and the flyweights,  In May 1955,
heavyweight champion stopped Don Cockell in California
and Pascuel Perez stopps Yoshio Shirai in Tokyo.

For 1956 and 1957, it was May victories for Sugar Ray ROBINSON
stopping Bobo OLSON in Los Angeles, and regaining the title
that he lost to Gene FULLMER with a perfect one punch knockout
in the 5th roud of the middleweight title fight in Chicago.
But, in 1958, it was lightweight champion JOE BROWN stopping
Ralph Dupas in Houston. To close out the decade of May moments
it would be FLOYD PATTERSON stopping Brian London in a
heavyweight ttle fight.

The Sixties:
Various month of May title bouts in the Sixties with some being
Benny Paret over Don Jordan, Harold Johnson over Doug Jones
and controversy in 1965 with MUHAMMAD ALI stopping SONNY LISTON
in the first round in a bout at Lewiston refereed by Jersey Joe Walcott.

A significant bout in 1968, was BOB FOSTER stopping DICK TIGER
and ten years later in the light-heavyweight division it would be
VICTOR GALINDEZ over YAQUI LOPEZ in May of '78.  For the
Canadians, the light-heavyweight bout with DONNY LALAONDE 
stopping LESLIE STEWART was an important slice of history
for Canadian boxing that took place in May of '88.

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