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- by brian w. zelley

When we look through the long history of amateur boxing
in British Columbia an important figure was that of 
Stanley F. Smith who was always there on the front lines,
or behind the scenes getting things done, organizing and
recognizing the many others in the form of nominations,
presentation of awards or assisting a boxing team.
Stan was involved in the pre-Boxing Canada era that
began in 1969 and continued to volunteer in the
new era of 1969 and beyond.  He had even served on the
Board of Directors of the BC Amateur Boxing Association
in the eighties, and stayed in contact with many ex-boxers
and builders long after his active years.
Stan Smith in 1971.


(original photo courtesy of Freddy Fuller at one of the
Golden Glove tournaments: Stan Smith with Freddy Fuller, 
Elio Ius, Clint Page and Bert Lowes.)

In the sixties, he was not only involved with the East Vancouver Optimists Boxing Club but would also travel to some of those Golden Glove tournaments in Washington state such as  the Tacoma Golden Gloves or the Seattle Golden Gloves.

STAN still rocking in the Seventies 

*Following the formation of Boxing Canada, and
 the revision of the British Columbia Amateur
Boxing Association, Stan  was still active in
many areas and could always be seen at
ringside at the many boxing tournaments
while serving in some capacity.

This routine followed into the Eighties.

Honorary Life Member of The BCABA:

*With his long and outstanding service to amateur boxing,
Stan Smith would become a life honorary member along
with some others such as:
*Pat West, Joe Magri, Al Decarie,  Don Cowan, Dave Brown and Harry Twist.

*Stanley F. S;mith takes the role of 
announcer with the presentation of
a special award to the pioneer of
BC amateur boxing 
Tommy Paonessa.

Tommy is also a honorary 
life member of Boxing BC.

*A well deserved nominee for 2013, Stan smith is one of 30 nominees
that will be considered for selection.  For many years, Stan was involved in
recognizing and praising boxers, coaches and officials and presenting 
them awards or recommendations for some special
award of selection process/

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


BOXING BC Boxers Plan for 2014 Tacoma Golden Gloves
Boxing BC has been invited to attend the 2O14 tournæment/
Boxer KENNY LALLY is expected to be one of the team boxers.

BC AMATEUR BOXING IN 1969: by brian zelley

Over the decades, BC boxers have competed in 
the Tacoma golden gloves, Oriegon golden gloves
and the Seattle golden gloves.  

The Tacoma Golden Gloves was always a good tournament
to kick-off the serious boxing period between January and May
of each year.  Often BC boxers would have a good showing
with a reasonable share of boxers in the finals.  

The year 1969 was no different.  At the end of the tournament
eight BC boxers would compete for the various titles with
four winning titles.  The four were:

Firefighters boxing club: Frank Scott and Kenny MacDonald.
Prince George - Paul DiBenedetto, North West Eagles - Earl McLeay.
Earl was training in Calgary but would compete for the 
North West Eagles in the 1969 tournament.

Four boxers would compete in the finals but would not win titles.
They would include Buzz Montour, Chester Douglas, 
Joe Cooke and Norm DesLauriers

(photo of the 1973 tournament to recognize the silver anniversary of 
the Tacoma Golden Gloves organzied by the Tacoma Athletic Commission)

The 23rd Annual  tournament in 1971.
Alumni of the Tacoma Golden Gloves.
Brian Zelley, Ray Lampkin
Wayne Boyce, Frank Scott

Many boxers over the history
of the Tacoma Golden Gloves
have been from BC clubs.

Two standout boxers that
faced each other in the 
finals of the 1967
Diamond Belt were
Dave Wylie and 
Fred Fuller.
And, in 1970
Gordie Lawson would
enter the tournament

Gordie Lawson, Alumni of the Tacoma Golden Gloves