Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Canadian Golden Gloves Championship

The Pre - tournament buzz: Canadian GG

*The pre-tournament has now begun in preparation to this first
ever Canadian Golden Gloves championship sanctioned by 
Boxing Canada for Cornwall.

* the boxing stories begin: 
Golden Gloves Championship Coming to Cornwall
the story by Bob Peters indicates the event will take place at the
Nav Centre, July 16 -20th., 2013 

* news from Saskatchewan with Justin Trudeau, leader of 
the Canadian Liberal party was in attendance at the 
Regina Boxing Club to recognize amateur boxing and show
support for the 2013 Canadian Golden Gloves. 

*Previous thread re. connecting the event to a 67 year dream:

Senior Men's Lightweight Division
* It they all make it to the starting gate, the senior lightweight
division should be one of the best with a solid line-up

                                           (file photo by Dorothy Zelley)  
                       Jag Seehra and coach Bob Pegues - 2010 BC Golden Gloves

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