Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Names in Canadian Boxing

Whose who in the image journey:
*  Beyond the hype and the spin, numbers do count
and from a Canadian point of view in the here and now
these names have risen to the top in the rankings
based on various rankings and polls:

* Adam Trupish, Adonis Stevenson,  Alex Rynn, Alison Arenault,  
Andrew Kooner, Arash Usmanee, Ariane Fortin, Bob Pegues,
Billy Townsend, Brandon Brewer, Brian Zelley, Chris Johnson, 
Custio Clayton, Didier Bence, Derrick Hoyt, Doug Bolianatz,
Frank Fiacco Graham McIntosh, Jean Pascal, Joe Sandulo, 
Kenny Lally, Michael Strange, Mickey Sims,  Mikael Zewski, 
Paul MacKenzie, Philip Baraly, Rosemary Page and 
Samir El Mais. Also a recent jump is Fitz Vanderpool
nd the late Arturo Gatti.  

 the Canadian Boxing Wall of Fame: 

The Next Round - 2014
*  Forty more names will be added to the 60 in 2014, and one name
that will receive special attention will be DWAYNE STOREY.

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