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Canadian Boxers and Builders

Names of some of those involved in the sport of boxing
Canadian Boxers and Builders
* the above link takes us to over 400 names of boxers and builders
in Canadian amateur and professional boxing.

Some of the many names:         

* listing the 400 plaus names in this piece
is not necessary as they are all listed in the link
but they include many top names in amateur
and professional boxing in Canada

Who could forget the likes of:
Art Hafey, Asif Dar, Billy Irwin,and 
Michael Strange.  Or, it is not easy to
overlook the Johnson name be it 
Ontario, the Maritimes or Manitoba
Chris, Greg, Len, Ken and Kirk
Johnson, or the likes of Taylor and
Wayne Gordon, or the three generations
of the Mann family in BC.  

Breaking down the list:
* Tops from 1939 to 2012
* the above link takes to a list of those that have scored high
in one or more other sites, some of them are inductees to the
British Columbia Amateur Boxing Hall of Fame and some are
ones that have been overlooked during the nomination or selection
Process:  The lead into the lists is:

The Names to-date in order of their posting:
* Frank Scott, Tony Duffy
Mickey Griffin, Gordie Lawson
Harold Mann, George Shiels,
Lindy Lindmoser, Freddy Fuller,
Jaime Ollenberger, Alan Brown,
Kit Munro, Skimp Williams,
George Nepper, Brian Zelley,
Dale Anderson, Ken MacDonald,
Capi Damani, Jim Howie, 
Harry Pollitt,Chester Douglas,
Gary Wood, Winny Schelt,
Clark MacLellan 

* Dale Walters, Jack Snaith, Dan Wright, Marg O'Reilly,
 Kevin Maughan, Gary Oakden, Jim Stevenson, 
Jimmy McMillan, Laurie Mann, Derrick Hoyt, 
Scitt Galloway, Graham McIntosh,Bill Hardie,
Brian Jones, Billy Townsend, Bob Pegues, 
Carson Samuels, Boyd Bayne, Lloyd Anderson,
Bill Watson, Buddy Palmer, Ian Gibson, Leif Albrechtsen,
Allan Tummon, Bob Mercer, Deab Bruckshaw, 
Ed Williams, Jim Gallagher, Manny Sobral, Ken Stant,
Bill Gariepy, Fred Fuller, George Armson, 
George Angelomatis and Mickey Sims. 

. Breaking it down into time periods:
The period 1980 to 1989 would be the best of times
but would also have setbacks such as the boycott of
the 1980 Moscow Olympics, but Canadians made up
for that giant setback with a one-two punch in '84 and '88

Lennox Lewis wins gold in the '88 Olympics.

The road to 1988 would wind through many
paths, and along the way there would be 
numerous teams.  After success in 1984,
the year 1985 would be another starting
point towards a new target:
Some of the names in 1985 are:
Augusto dos Reis, Steve D'Sousa, 
Scotty Olson, Steve Beaupre, Jeff Hill, Terry Dermott, 
Rick Albrechtsen, John Henry Wilson, Michel Moffa,
Jamie Pagendam, Scott Cessford, Alex Bankier, 
Stephen Nolan, Asif Dar, Tim Cessford, Dunan Murdoch, 
Greg Gayle, Joe Pendry, Wayne Gordon, Dennis Lambert, 
Emile Fortin, Dewith Fraser, Otis Grant, Kelly Perlette, 
Joe Martin, Lindon Linklater, Darryl Flint, Danny Sherry, 
Wayne Welsh, egerton Marcus, Ken Johnson, Andrew Riley,
Domenic D'Amico, Peter Petric, Bill Hickey, Wade Parsons,
and Brian Lansing.   

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