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Vancouver Island Boxing Champions



The list above is the list of twenty  boxers of Vancouver Island.
Each one has their own boxing journey, but the one common touch is
all twenty can claime to be authorized Vancouver Island Boxing 
champions.  Due to circumstances, none of them have lost the titles
to any other boxers.   Of interest, some of the boxers that they defeated
to earn those special titles, have gone on to win other titles, or had won
other titles. 

Two of the champions in 1964 were from Nanaimo's 
Newcastle Boxing Club.  They are Brian Zelley and Gilles Nepper. 
Their moment of victory was documented in the black and white 
pages of the local newspaper "The Nanaimo Daily Free Press"

Nanaimo boxers: Brian Zelley, Roger Nepper, Leo Rock and Gilles Nepper
The 1964 champions were: 
Howie Rabey, Gilles Nepper, Brian Zelley, Ken Alexander,
Larry Williams, Rifleman Walsh, Tommy Black and Wayne Powell.
Some of the other boxers were: Don White, Mike Caird and
Fred Desrosiers. Some of the coaches and seconds were:
Harry Morris, George Nepper, Skimp Williams, Mike Lazare,
and from the Royal Canadian Navy - Taylor Gordon.
Also, involved were Bert Wilkinson, Island boxing commissioner
and London Boxing club's Stan Richardson and the many officials. 

Connecting 1964 and 1984:  From the Boxing in BC site:

Other Connections: 1954 to 1994
*Other connection on the bridge of golden memories:
1954: Vancouver Island Boxing, Bert Wilkinson is the
Vancouver Island Golden Boy, and the Rabey familty was
connected to that 1954 event. 

*1974: Mike Caird and Brian Zelley along with Dan Wright,
Ian Weir and Larry Montgomery would be involved in the
revival of boxing in Victoria, BC.

*1994 - The Victoria hosted Commonwealth Games:
Between 1989 and 1994, many of the names that 
were part of the 1954, 1964, 1974 and 1984 events
would be part of the building process:
Some of the names for the record:
Bert Lowes, Bert Wilkinson, Brian Zelley,  Gary Wood, 
George Armson, Ian Weir, Mike Caird, Monty Brown, 
Rick Brough and Tommy Black.  Also, some of the history 
produced by the late Howard Curling was used in part of
the publicity for the 1994 Commonwealth Games.  

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