Saturday, June 22, 2013

Beyond the Silence, Canadian boxing


Beyond The Silence: by brian zelley

The Introduction:
This story is the story of every pro boxer that
have been on the undercard of a pro boxing
show in Canada.  It is about the hundreds of
boxers that receive low levels of financial
reward, limited recognition and low levels
of appreciation throughout the decades.
But, it will be a "never ending story" that 
will try to recognize all those boxers engaged
in bouts starting with the June 15th story
that was recently told and the Julien Collette story.

The June 15, 2013 starting point:

The starting point for this story is
Moncton, New Brunswick with the 
names being:
Richard Arsenault, Travis Conners, Jonah Arbuckle
Eddie Gates, Sandy Pembroke, Julien Collette, 
Marcel Maillet, Luke Noel, Brad Foulagi and
Kevin Cormier.
 *** (photo from the "Gates Eddie" site re. boxing in Moncton) ***

New kid on the block: June 21st 
* another name of interest from Ontario is 
the Orangeville product fighting out of 
Niagara Falls,  Mike McWilliams.

On June 21, 2013,  McWillams had success in his
pro debut in a bout with Dave Aucoin in Montreal.  

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