Sunday, June 23, 2013

Canadian boxers -Alex Rynn and Kenny Lally

Beyond 2012 and The Road Forward

by Brian W. Zelley
Canadian A Team member Kenny Lally, Alex rynn and Custio Clayton

The following is a recap of the stories of Kenny Lally and Alex Rynn 
before 2012, and to update to the here and now in 2013.

The Kenny Lally journey: some highlights


The Alex Rynn story


For Canadian A-team member
Alex Rynn and Kenny Lally
some will still be champions
following the nationals in 2013

The Team 
For the time being the above list of boxers
are the top men's boxing stars
emilien Boucher, Kenny Lally, Hyarub Hocko,
Alex Rynn, Yves Ulysses , Custio Clayton
Brody Blair, Jonathan Savard, 
Samir El Mais and imon Kean
a Kenny Lally flashback

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