Wednesday, October 29, 2014


2015 Senior Open:
Elite Boxing Championships:
by Brian Zelley
* (the tournament is the first Canadian event in the process
for selecting the Canadian boxing team for the 
2015Pan Am Games to be held in Ontario.)

                                             (Boxing Canada photo, October 2014)

Early Action for the Team West 
* Early action for team west resulted in mixed
results with BC's Jessy Brown and River Tucker
being eliminated along with one Alberta boxer.
A big bout expected in the nextround of the
bantamweight division will be a showdown
between BC's Kenny Lally and Ontario's
two time Canadian Golden Gloves champion
Rodolfo Velasquez.

                             Rodolfo Velasquez

Kenny Lally.

Lally over Rodolfo in semi finals, Kenny will fight for gold.
Rodolfo will fight for bronze against Francois Pratte.

A good fight between Velasquez and Lally

Elsewhere for bronze, BC's  River Tucker
will face Carole-Anne Mercier.
In the men's light-heavyweigt division
Max Rizzi to face Richard MacDonald.
An interesting situation is David Gathier will
 be competing for bronze.

Finals: sample of bouts
Alexandra Strickland vs Carolyn Vevre
Emilien Boucher vs Miscael Marin
Lucas Bahdi vs Cylin Downey
Darcy Hinds vs Clovis Drolet
Jake Varga vs Vincent Thibeault


River Tucker, Sierra Picton, Cher Obediah,
Odille Letellier, Brandon Leaman, Max Rizzi,
Kingsley Alexander, Donovan Thomas,
Rodolfo Velasquez,

Silver  Female
Evelyn Calado, Amanda Galle, 
Alexandra Strickland, 

Gold - Canadian champions - Women
Kum , Bujold, Adjei, Vevyre, Kali, Camera, 
Spencer Greey, Lepage-Joanise.

Best Female Boxer: Mandy Bujold.

,Silver Males
* Young, Gillard, Wilcox, Downey, Warner,
* Elabdoulli, Hinds, Varga, Yengue, Huggins.

Gold Males
* Tondo, Boucher, Lally, Bahdi, Biyarslanov,
* Haghigat-Joo, Drolet, Thibeault

* Thibeault, Rasmussen, Kean.

Best Male Boxer:  Lucas Bahdi
Short Jabs and Golden Memories

Kaitlyn Clark, Silver medalist
Beaver Boxing Club, Ottawa
as repoted by Mark Sutcliffe, Ottawa Citizen
"Boxing has changed my life"

River "The Fox" Tucker, bronze
Queensborough Boxing, BC
"A big thanks to coaches Bob and Nathan"

Canadian images:

Won title again for 2015

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