Monday, October 20, 2014

British boxers of 1968

Whose who of British Boxing 1968: by Brian Zelley

                                                        Henry Cooper
                                 Top British Heavyweight

The Heavywrights:
* It was 1968 and the British champion was still
Henry Cooper with Brian Lndon and Billy Walker
high in the rankings. Others included:
Carl Gizzi Johnny Prescott, Jack Bodell, Billy Gray,
Dave Ould, Vic Moore and Peter Boddington.

Other Champions:
* Young McCormack, Johnny Pritchett, Johnny Cooke,
Maurice Cullen, Howard Winstone, Walter McGowan, 
and John McCluskey.

Some oter top names were:
Mark Rowe, Eddie Avoth, Ralph Charles,
Ken Buchan, Brian Cartwright and Alan Rudkin.

Some of the prospects would include Jimmy Revie, 
 and Brian Hudson. Some on the edge  of
 retirement would be  Brian McCaffrey who had
lost to Johnny Cooke in the fight of the year.

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