Friday, December 16, 2011


PARKSVILLE, BC boxing history:  By Brian Zelley

Between 1954 and 1969, there was no official boxing club in Parksville.
But all that changed in the late Seventies when ART SMITH and
BRIAN SACHO former a boxing club to begin an interesting
time in amateur boxing that would be part of the Eighties.

They would have one club show before April 1984, then when
officials and coaches on Vancouver Island agreed to revive
the Vancouver Island Amateur Boxing Championships
twenty years after the last tournament in 1964, the club
in Parksville was chosen to host the tournament.

As time moved on, the Parksville area would become inactive
for amateur boxing, but in recent years a new club has been
formed with the interesting name of Genesis.  Like the club 
of the Eighties, the club of 2010 and 2011 was given a 
chance to host a tournament.  It would be the 2011
BC Bronze Gloves.  Boxers from the club would do well
at the home town tournament.  Some of the boxers would
also participate in the 2011 Emerald Gloves. 

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