Saturday, May 22, 2010

Vancouver Island Boxing 1984

VANCOUVER ISLAND BOXING - An Important Step Forward: By Brian W. Zelley

Of the many amateur boxing event on Vancouver Island from 1980 to 1985, one event
stands the test of time as being an important event that would lead to the revival of a
tournament that had not been seen since 1964 - the Vancouver Island Amateur Boxing

It began with a club show in Ladysmith at the Sportsplex on January 28, 1984.
In the boxing show, ten bouts were held by the relatively new boxing club.

To recognize the boxers from Ladysmith, Gold River, Gibsons, Crofton,
Nanaimo, and Parksville the names of the boxers were:
Graham Henry, Raymond Barton, Robert Rice, Dean Townsend, Chris Wigard,
Tony Willis, Rowland Powel, Robin Murray, Paul Bottomley, Hank Sampson,
W, Hinchcliffe, Lee Dmani, Trent Storey, Dani Koughan, Craig Kelly,
Tony Duffy, Dano Everts, Bill Franklin, Russ Lyon, Tim Cessford.

Official In Charge - Rick Brough, Branch Executive Officer - Brian Zelley

Referees & Judges: Rick Brough, Brian Zelley,
Howard Curling, Frank Bowers and Roy Maycock
Timekeeper: Walter Brownlow, Announcer: Ian Allan,
Glovers - Garry Doherty and Harold Barton

Coaches in attendance:Bill Cox, Niel Garda, Alex Riley, Monty & Alan Brown,
Joe Preston, Art Smith and Brian Sacho, and Barry Krangle.

The important event in planning took place on Sunday, January 29, 1984
with a combined coaches and officials meeting under the direction of Rick Brough.
The purpose of the meeting was to review the progress of amateur boxing on
Vancouver Island and make plans for future shows in Parksville, Gold River
and Campbell River, and consider plans for the Island Championships in the
spirit of "BC Winter Games" of Participation & Competition.

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