Thursday, April 29, 2010



The Moody Blues: "Vast vision must improve our sight"...

As a follow-up to OUT OF THE SHADOWS, I see a new horizon for the sport of amateur boxing in British Columbia.
I saw in it in the faces of some of the novice boxers in Victoria in April 2010, and I saw it in the faces of some of the officials
and coaches and ex-boxers that paraded into the ring along with George Chuvalo and some of the stories.

But, I saw it in the faces and heard
 it in the voices of members of the new or revived clubs as they look forward to more
activity in future days. But, the brightest stories were some of the post-boxing stories
of the boxers that regardlessof the results many realized it was just a learning experience
and they would do better next time.

THe good news is, the final day of the 2010 BC Golden Gloves was only12 days ago
and some of the boxing clubs are working on the improvements that will be necessary
 if the young boxers hope to step onto the path that will lead to the "Road To Excellence"
where all things are possible with dedication, desire and determination.

Most may never reach the victory stand in a National or International tournament,
but if they strife to be the best that they can be, then they
will stand-out as true Champions of the sport of amateur boxing.

However, the road will always be paved with unknowns and setbacks, so now is the time
for all amateur boxing clubs in British Columbia and Canada to look forward to the
new horizons and reach out to make all things possible. Part of that new beginning
will be for all clubs in each region to join together and through open and timely
communication, enthusiastic co-operation,
and with a clear vision make things happen and open the doors
to the many paths that will lead each willing trainee
to the "road to excellence" without setbacks, barriers and limited competition.

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  1. OT: I like watching Manny Pacquiao again and again. I like especially Manny Pacquiao's amazing hand speed on the Double End Bag. It's so awesome!!