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ALAN BROWN's boxing story

 THE ALAN BROWN BOXING STORY:  By Brian Zelley (assisted by Alan Brown, and Steve Wood, and past members of various BC boxing clubs and some non BC boxing champions)
As  we look back through the history of amateur boxing in British Columbia one  of the elite junior and youth boxers  was Vancouver Island boxer - ALAN BROWN,  a member  of the Campbell River Eagles Boxing Club and then the  Gold River Boxing Club.  For a brief period he also trained in  Vancouver at BOB DECKER's Shamrock Boxing Club along with MANNY SOBRAL. Alan  would also be a member of the  NANAIMO BOXING CLUB that was formed in 1971.

                               The Eagles of  Campbell River                              (coaches George Shiels and Charles John)                                        (the Steve Wood collection) Those early days in Campbell River was an important learning experience in the basics of boxing skills.  Some of his Eagle team mates were Jim Fiddler, Jim and Tim Hunter, Jita Nagra, Andrew Swim, Cory Willcox and  Steve Wood.  The Campbell River  Eagles have an interesting history beginning in the Seventies through the efforts of JIM HOWIE and BILL WALKER, but other coaches like GEORGE SHIELS and CHARLES JOHN would play a part or add a few threads on the ALAN BROWN BOXING TAPESTRY.
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In his early years in Campbell River, he quickly demonstrated the qualities of a champion.
(from the ALAN BROWN boxing treasure chest of Golden Memories)
THE GOLD RIVER AMATEUR BOXING CLUB In the early Eighties, MONTY BROWN would form the GOLD RIVER BOXING CLUB and Alan would be the shining star.  Some of the other Gold River boxers were: Kevin Archer, Wayne Hinchcliffe, Jason Adair, and Paddy Nelson
                             Manny Sobral - Alan Brown                                  SHAMROCK BOXING CLUB                                                (coach -  bob decker)
During the late Seventies and Eighties, Alan would train at various clubs to expand his skills and experiences such as the club in Victoria, Port Kells, and two  Vancouver clubs including  the Shamrock Boxing Club and Astoria Boxing Club. In 1987 Alan trained at the Nanaimo Boxing club. SPECIAL AWARDS - THE JIMMY SYME AWARD For junior boxers in British Columbia, one of the special awards that stand above all the rest would be THE JIMMY SYMES AWARD. The award was first presented in 1967 and over the years  the best of the best have been recognized such as CHRIS IUS - 1970 and 1971, MICKEY GRIFFIN - 1974, JOHN HERMAN - 1977,  CLIFF BALLENDINE - 1979. Alan's turn to shine and be recognized as the outstanding junior boxer of BC was  1982. BEST INTERMEDIATE (YOUTH) BOXER - VANCOUVER ISLAND
In 1984, Alan became only one of twenty boxers between 1964 and 1984 to be declared a Vancouver Island Amateur Boxing Champion.  Also, in the 1984 tournament held in Parksville Brown earned the distinction of being named the BEST INTERMEDIATE (Youth) BOXER of Vancouver Island.
                    Alan Brown - the man with the medal and the  award CLUBS SHOW - Serve as an important tune-up for Provincial and National action.
Over the years, Alan would participate in a number of club shows. A sample of these were:
.October 30, 1982 - Campbell River - Alan  Brown wins over Astoria  Boxing Club's   RAY ABRAHAM.
.March 12, 1983 - Campbell River - Alan Brown wins over USA boxer SCOTT BELINC of Evertett, Washington.
.May 7, 1983 - Gold River - Alan Brown wins over  Shamrock Boxing Club's MANNY SOBRAL.
.October 29, 1983 - Campbell River - Alan Brown wins  over USA boxer MIKE PAINTER.
.December 3, 1983 - Gold River - Alan Brown wins over Parksville Boxing Club's SCOTT CESSFORD. Spring of 1984   - Gold River Invitational Show ALAN BROWN (Gold River) over JIM HUNTER (CR Eagles). In the awards process - Alan was declared "Best Boxer". Some other boxers represented various Island clubs and one boxer from Vancouver was Manny Sobral - he dropped a decision to Tim Cessford.  Some other boxers were Steve Lincoln, Paddy Nelson and Wayne Hinchcliffe.  Head official was RICK BROUGH.

Over the years Alan has won his share of Provincial titles.
In 1984, as an Intermediate boxer in the featherweight division, Alan Brown demonstrated his excellence with a significant  victory over a Jimmy Symes award winner JAMIE BALLARD of the noted Cranbrook Eagles Boxing Club in Burnaby, BC at the BOXING BC Training Centre.
                  1984 - Brown - Murdoch - Zelley
1984 Provincial intermediate/Youth Featherweight Champion ALAN BROWN in attendance at the BC boxing training centre in July 1984 having a photo  with other BC Golden Gloves Alumni -  VIC MURDOCH and BRIAN ZELLEY during the training of Canada's 1984 Olympic  Boxing Team. 
"SIX EXCELLED  AT PEI" - By Brian Zelley, (as published in   the "Sportcaster,  July 2, 1980)
A team of six  junior boxers including ALAN BROWN of Gold River, and CLIFF BALLENDINE of Victoria excelled at the Canadian junior boxing championships at O'Leary, PEI June 26-28th.  BROWN was one of three gold medal winners in the three day tournament.  Other champions included GREG LABOUCAN  and RANDY GALLER.  Ballendine was one of three silver medalists along with GORDON JONES and LARRY ADAMS. 
Team coaches coaches were Mike Caird and Gary Oakden while JOHN O'SHEA was team manager. An  Official from BC was BCABA President FRED FULLER.  (balance of article not included as it touches on "tough guy" bouts in Nanaimo). 1983 JUNIOR NATIONALS Coaches  Wally Hill and John Kovac Boxers:  alan brown, willy curry, deep butter, manny sobral, paul deluca, aaron wolfe, mike wood, tony francis, and scott bannink 1983 Champions from BC - BROWN and CURRY. 1982 JUNIOR NATIONALS bc team -  coaches - Tommy Hibbert and Ralph Galloway team manager - Jim Gallagher boxers - alan brown, gordon jones, willy curry, jamie ballard, paul simpson, blaine downie, scott bannink.   GOLDEN MEMORIES Alan became the first selection in 2011 for the Junio/Youth category for the BC Anateur Boxing Hall of Fame