Sunday, March 9, 2014

Gatin, Habib and Jackson, the builders

Potential Nominees for 2015: by Brian Zelley

- As the BC Amateur Boxing Hall of Fame begins year six,
the start of any process is to think about poiential candidates
Three likely builders that are still active include coaches ***
Dale Gatin, Dave Habib, and Alexander Scotty Jackson.

                                   Scotty at the Queensborough club

We will look at all three and others as part of the lomg process
It was . and for Boxing Canada,Scotty Jackson was one of 15 leaders along with

Hank and Mark Summers, Taylor Gordon, John O'Shea, George Goff,
Sonn Wong, TerryHawes,    Phil Baraly, Jenifer Reid, Val Ryan, Russ Anber,


                                         Dave Habib, Kelowna Boxing Club

there can be know preconceived expectations for these three
or any other names that get suggested or even nominated.
Some other names suggested in recent months include:
Geronimo Bie and Ken MacDonald in the boxer category

Another named added to the list of builders is Howard Curling

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