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Photo: Alan Brown

BC AMATEUR BOXING NEWS (November 1983 to January 1986) - Editor, Brian W. Zelley, B. Com, C A

It all began following the production of two issues of the Vancouver Island Amateur Boxing News for the Spring and Fall of
1983, when I was elected to the Board of Directors of the British Columbia Amateur Boxing Association and served as the
newsletter editor. The first issue in November 1983, featured a variety of current stories, past events, and a few pictures
such as the pictures of past president Fred Fuller, Director of Referees & Judges and former coach of the South Hill and
the Vancouver Firefighters boxing clubs H A (Bert) Lowes and past president Walter T. Boyce.

But in reality, the boxing writing began in 1967 when I was a boxer with Nanaimo's Newcastle Boxing Club and took over
from founding coach George Nepper to write boxing reports for the "Nanaimo Times", that was a good introduction to
journalism which was much different than school essays. Later when I formed the Nanaimo Boxing Club along with
former Vancouver Firefighters boxing club member Dan Wright , we realized it was important to have effective and accurate news and contact with the News Media, so I quickly visited the sports editors of the Nanaimo Times and Nanaimo Daily Free Press.

Even after leaving the Nanaimo club to work on the revival of boxing in Victoria, I continued to communicate with the
the Nanaimo print media. But in Victoria, from about 1974 to 1981, I was in contact with members of the print media,
radio and CHECK TV to keep them aware of the boxing beat.

Another couple of important tests in sports reporting was having a report of a BC Bronze Gloves Tournament reported in
the bible of boxing "The Ring" magazine, and a piece in Lee Kerr's "Boxing Bull" column in "Boxing Illustrated".
A local Greater Victoria weekly sports newspaper called "The Sportcaster" was also an important avenue to spread
the word of amateur boxing in Victoria and other locations in Brtitish Columbia.

NOVEMBER 1983 "BC Amateur Boxing News"

The first issue of 1983/1984 included numerous photos of boxers, officials and coaches
such as Darryl Olson (Ladner Boxing Club), Fred Fuller (past BCABA president),
Richmond boxeer Lyle Hendrickson and Parksville boxer Dave Hendrickson,
1967 BC Diamond Boy Dave Wylie, former Canadian champion Fred Fuller Jr.,
Sample of top boxers at the junior level Cliff Ballendine, Chris Ius, David Ius, John Herman, and others.

JUNE 1985 "BC Amateur Boxing News":

"AT THE BELL" - By Brian Zelley

Remembering those members that supported the "Vancouver Island Boxing News" for the Spring and Fall of 1983:
Alex Riley and Niel Garda (Crofton Boxing Club), Dave Alton (Ladysmith), Art Smith & Brian Sacho (Parksville),
Island officials Rick Brough, Howard Curling and Bob Perry and on the Provincial scene Bert Lowes. (page 3)...


1985 BC Golden Gloves - Golden Boy, RON PASKIE - Golden Boy Runner-up, GARY SERKO -
Best Intermediate, Scott Bannink.

Special Award Winners (page 5)
Best boxer Junior Provincials - TROY TAYLOR
Harold Mann award - RUDY BIANCO
Jimmy Syme award - MANNY SOBRAL
Harry Twist award - JOE PENDRY

Maple Ridge Club show - April 1, 1985 (page 6)
Maple Ridge coaches - Glynn Jones and Mike Allen
- two standout boxers on the card were: TONY DUFFY (lightweight) and GORDON JONES (Welterweight)

JUNE 1984:

Primary topic was the 1984 Junior Nationals with such champions as:
Norman Tynes, Corey Burton, Aaron Wolfe, Eric Grenier, Scotty Olson,
Mario Bergeron, Jeff Beliveau, Jaimie Sparks, John Walker, Stewart Hilton,
Tom Glesby, Mike Reuter, and Willy Curry,

Some other competitors from British Columbia -
Curtis Peterson, John Turner, Suraj Jaswal, Tony Francis,
Tony Duffy, Manny Sobral, and Clint Dumais.

An interesting bout was the final between Stewart Hilton and Ray Downey.


  1. NOVEMBER 1983 - "BC Amateur Boxing News"

    First issue of 1983/1984 and featured various current news stories,
    a flashbacks section on the 1960 BC Golden Gloves and a summary of special award winners over the years - "The Jummy Symes" award winners
    such as Watne Boyce, Chris Ius, David Ius, John Herman, Cliff Ballendine,
    Alan Brown and Gordon Jones.

  2. Top picture: Gold River Boxer ALAN BROWN

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