Sunday, November 15, 2009

BRIAN ZELLEY - Amateur Boxing


The term Zelley's Round is a term used by the Sportcaster sports paper published in Victoria, BC, Canada
in the Seventies and Eighties. During this time period, I belonged to four different boxing clubs in Victoria.
To cover events that were not covered in detail in the local daily paper, I wrote numerous articles on boxing
with a Greater Victoria connection. In the early years, the term "Zelley's Round" was not used.

An example of the early years was:
"A Tournament Of Champions" - By Brian Zelley, "The Sportcaster", November 14, 1974

This article covered Victoria boxers engaged in a "tournament of Champions" that took place
in Nanaimo, BC on November 2, 1974. The event was hosted by the Nanaimo Boxing Club.
The three boxers engaged in activity were DAN WRIGHT, TERRY ORR, and IAN WEIR.

The article also touched on a bout by boxer Ian Weir on October 26, 1974
when he faced Del Morgan of North Dakota.

It also, commented on a Canadian bout that featured University of Victoria studen Wayne Crowe
on Wild World of Sports television show in November relating to a May 1974 Championships.


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  2. Those were the good days!

    Love the story on Allan Brown; a true champ back in the day when a boxer often had two or three bouts in one day and organisers of a provincial tournament could run all preliminaries and finals on the same day.

    -Russ Lyon

  3. Thanks Russ, and recently there was a story on Mickey Griffin and through the process, your name has been mentioned a few times re. that boxing club in Victoria several years back.