Monday, March 14, 2011

2011 NOMINATIONS - as of March 13th.

(Revised to APRIL 20 th. yo 24)

                        Tommy Paonessa - Lindy Lindmoser
                               Dave Wylie  -  Alan Brown
Alan Brown *, Dave Wylie, Jamie Ollenberger,  Les Hamilton, 
Lindy Lindmoser, Matt O'Brien,  Willy Curry, Derrick Hoyt
* Junior/Youth Category
Bob Decker, Charles John, George Angelomatis, 
 George Shiels, Stan Smith, 
Terry Cooke,  Wally Doern, 
Lennie Waters - Tommy Paonessa 
                                  LENNIE WALTERS
                                     Stan Smith presemts Harold Mann Award
                                          to Tommy Paonessa


Campbell River Eagles, East Vancouver Optimists,
South Hill - Firefighters, The Boyce Family
-1970 BC Senior in 1970 Nationals
.1967 Shrine Invitational Diamond Belt Tournament
(Note - deadline for other nominations - June 30 th.)
(Final number or categories will be decded by Administrators)
comments or suggestion open to all including honorary directors.

STANLEY F. SMITH: By Brian Zelley

In reviewing the history of amateur boxing, for many many decades
one name that can be connected to the "GO TO" tag is the one they
call Stanley F. Smith or to many "Stan the Man".

When it comes time to recognize others, or support others for an award
"who are you gong to call".  Well in Greater Vancouver and the
Lower Mainland. the first name on the call list would be "Stan the Man"
to get things done.   From those early years at the East Vancouver Optimists
boxing club at the Fraserview Boy's Club to his involvement at the 1984
Junior Nationals and Olympic box-offs, it was always Stan that would be
 in the front of another work detail, and during his days with the
 AAU of Canada or the British Columbia Amateur Boxing Association,
Stan was always ready to supply a letter to support someone else
get recognition or an award.

Recent Nomination - DERRICK HOYT, The Pride of Cranbrook.


Wally Doern - coach - 2 Rivers Boxing Club 

LES HAMILTON - 1972 Canadian Olympic boxer

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