Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nanaimo Boxing - 40 years - September 2011

One of the many boxer in his year of glory - 2009
Nanaimo boxer to fight in Caribbean
a piece about STEFAN MELIDEO.

-  September will mark the 40th. official anniversary.

(sample of names only, as many trainees were not that active)
- Barry Creswell - Bob Jameson - Bob Pegues
Bob Walsh - Brian Zelley - Britton Gillette - Barry Neufield 
Chris Rathy - Clark MacLellan - Dan Wright - Dave Alton
Darren Lussier - Cody Redford  - Don Preston - Don Williams - Jack Snaith  
John Navaroli - John Ormandy - Kevin Jolly -  Kevin Long - Lee Campbell
 - Lloyd Anderson - Lyle Jack - Malcolm Eldridge
Mark Barr - Mark Guttenberg - Mickey Griffin
Mike Murray - Norm Greenwell - Ralph Torrie - Rob Argyle
Rick Davidson - Ron Williams - Stefan Melideo
Steve Venuti - Stu Springett - Takashi Sasagawa -
 Wade Marling -Wayne Peace - Zach McKay -
others: kelly gourlay,   dwayne evenson, dave houliston,  doug english,  
robbie wentland, 

(there are others including some of the active members and some
of the trainees that did not compete)
FOUNDERS - Brian Zelley - Dan Wright - assisted by John Ormandy
and George Nepper. Some of the past and present coaches/trainers -
Brian Zelley, Dan Wright,  Clark MacLellan,
 and current head coach Barry Creswell. 
In 1976 Nanaimo boxer Mickey Griffin assisted in coaching;
Long time supporters of the club were Dorothy and Sid Runacres.

The Foundation for the Nanaimo Boxing Club was the Newcastle Boxing Club
* the club was founded by George Nepper in September 1963.
Prior to the formation of the club, George would trave on a 
regular basis to Chemainus/Ladysmith with the local boxers
to train with the likes of Skimp Williams, Danny Daniels and
many others including Terry Eastman.  The initial folks to help
with the coaching in 1963 would be Harry Pollitt and Skimp Williams.
Some of the early boxers in Nanaimo were the Nepper brothers
Gilles, Jules, Leon and Roger, the Balatti brothers  Chris and Ted,
Brian Zelley, Leo Rock and Mike Lazare, but many others would follow. 
The first fight card would be  January 1964 in Victoria, and the first
boxer to step into the ring for Nanaimo was Roger Nepper.  

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