Saturday, September 29, 2012

BC Amateur Boxing Hall of Fame - 2013 nominees and 2010 to 2012 inductees

*the video above features photos of many of the inductees in the
British Columbia Amateur Boxing Hall of Fame for the first
three years.  The total inductees amount to 41 for 2010, 2011,
and 2012.  Six of those are included in the photo above"
* Freddy Fuller - Eddie Haddad - Frankie Scott
* Dale Walters - Dick Findlay - Fred Desrosiers
but the video also includes many others:
*Tommy Paonessa, Lennie Walters, Roger Adolph,
Alan Brown, Tony Duffy, Mandy Lapointe,
Allan Bayne, Donnie Orr, Harold Mann, Laurie Mann,
Jamie Ollenberger, Jimmy Walters, Lindy Lindmoser,
Manny Sobral, Matt O'Brien, Michael Olajide jr.,
Bert Lowes, Elio Ius, Fred Fuller, George Angelomatis,
George Shiels, and Rick Brough.

includes one family and that is the Boyce family

*Three boxing clubs selected include:
Campbell River Eagles, Nanaimo Boxing Club
and the Prince George "Spruce Capital boxing club"

Nominees for 2013:  By Brian Zelley

*it is a little early in the process to begin any in-depth
classification or selection process.  From October to
December 2012, it will be a process of information
gathering for all the nominees, and to draw on 
support and help from the various supporters.

In the closing days of September, the three new
honorary directors Boyd Bayne, Mandy Lapointe,
and Kevin "Booper" Maughan have been a great help.
A recent volunteer has also helped with details of 
Jim Gallagher.

The first nominated for 2013 is Mickey Griffin,
but many soon followed.

Some of the nominees highlighted include:
Dick St. Louis, and  George Nepper,  Gordie Lawson.
Mickey Griffin,  but there have been some recent 
nominations such as Jim Gallagher, Boyd Bayne,
Sid McKnight, Ed Williams, Jim Howie,  Ralph Galloway.
There is a couple of shots of Ed Williams on the 
video, but other photos would be welcome.

              JIM GALLAGHER and boxers at the boxing gym

RON WHALLEY - long time ring official could be seen
at many club show, provincial tournaments and also was at many a
National and International events.  Ron along with Fred Fuller and
Bert Lowes were three of the many BC officials involved with
fostering best  boxing practices and education for officials and coaches.
His service to the sport has been recognized by BOXING CANADA.

special thanks to all that have assisted with this
project over the last three years, and attempt will
be made to recognize all those that have helped
for 2013 and/or earlier years.  This will be done
at the end of the selection process about July 2013.

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