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DOMENIC FILANE FIGLIOMENI - His Boxing Road of Excellence

(the above video includes various clips from Domenic, and covers some
of the junior years, the Canadian title fights, and International events
and Domenic's induction into one of the regional Sports Halls of Fame.)

Domenic's  Amazing Boxing Story: by brian zelley

I first remember 
Domenic's name from
the build-up to the
1994 Commonwealth Games
Greater Victoria in Esquimalt.

Of course, the 1994 event was
not the beginning nor end of the
story, it was just another step in 
the long road of his time as  a Canadian senior boxing champion.
But, long before that he had begun the journey as a boxer back
in the eighties as a junior boxer.  As the story unfolds, there are
many twists and turns along the boxing highway for Domenic. 

(authorized and approved by Domenic, who will be able to suggest
any adjustments or highlights that should be included)

*As we travel back and forth along the boxing highway
of Domenic, there will be a number of obvious highlights
concerning National and International events, but the 
real beauty of the story is much of the post active boxing
involvement in the sport in his sports equipment business,
and his active story telling through events, videos, and 
participation in the boxing groups.  At present, Domenic
is one of the fine collection of nominees for the newly
But, his true gift has been to present tributes to others such as
TEAM of 1992.

(a part of Domenic's tribute and memorial to Matt)

This photo or the original of 
the photo appears in two of 
Domenic's tributes:
*The '92 Canadian Olympic
boxing team and a tribute to
the late Marc Leduc who was
taken from us in recent years.

Another important contribution
by Domenic was being the prime
force behind a boxing team 
reunion, and he scored a knockout
with the punch of a heavyweight. And, the final piece
of the reunion was a listing of names that will last
beyond the memories of those so named.

THE GREAT REUNION: the names on the wall                    

Back To Where It All Began - The Junior Years:
Like many other boxers, the story or the boxing journey
begins as a novice junior boxer many years before the
golden years on the world stage.  Among his many foes
would be a future team mate for many years.

Who would have guessed
 that these two  juniors would
 one day take the Nineties by storm
 and be two of Canada's finest
 amateur boxers to represent
 the red maple leaf around the globe.
But, Domenic and Michael Strange
would share the boxing highway
with many friends on the teams
of Canada's finest.

THE CANADIAN TITLE (1990 to 1999)
*Looking back before 1990 there were many moments,
and after 1999, there would be new ventures, but
those glory years of the Nineties was a never ending
story of winning Canadian titles and performing
in tournaments including some high profile 
International tournaments, but to get there, Domenic
was required to be a multi-term champion.
Starting win 1999 and
working back to 1990,
it would be never ending
record of achievement.

And, when we look at  the earlier 1990 and the later year 1999
 there would be some old  team mates for some of those
tournaments from  Commonwealth Games to Olympics. 
Domenicand others would win  their share of medals and
the mid-point was 1994 and the Commonwealth 
Games in Canada. And, look at the photo of the boxers and
 coaches  and there sat Dale Brown and Michael Strange 
who  were Canadian  champions  back in 1990. 
The International Boxing Highway:
Each tournament was special, but of course the Olympic
glory in 1992 and 1996 were the ultimate test along the

Some of the team members taking
a break from the Ring action in 1994
(front row Strange, Brown, Figliomeni and Bayne)

On The Road of Excellence

*As the years flash by, Domenic will
have many special memories of the
life and times of an elite boxer.
But, others will have their own
special memories of the Champion,
the Team mate, the man.

Looking back at the light-flyweight division
which started in Canada in the early '70's
some of the champuons before Domenic  
*** Ian Clyde, Jack Snaith, Danny Rannelli ***
*** Steve Beaupre and Scotty Olson ***

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