Wednesday, January 9, 2013

BOXING 1964 to 1968


by brian zelley


From clubs show to Olympic boxing, the years
1964 to 1968 provided a lot of exiting and excellent
 moments.  One of the important events is the
National championship where some based on skill,
some based on luck or a mix of the two are
included on a Provincial team to compete. 

Two important years for selection to the
Canadian Olympic Teams were 1964 and 1968 of which boxer 
Walter Henry earned a spot in both years.  In both cases the Ontario
boxer defeated boxers from British Columba to win his spot as 
Canadian champion and Olympic boxer.

The Standouts:
Walter Henry
Campbell Palmer
Harvey Reti
Fred Desrosiers
Marvin Arneson
Dick Findlay
Donato Paduano

 The others  were
all worthy but did
not mke the
Olympic teams
including 1966 medalist
in the Commonwealth
Games, Frank Scott and
Earl McLeay who had 
trained in Vancouver
and Calgary.

Donato Paduano (Quebec) and
Dick Findlay (BC) two of the
1968 Olympic boxers.

Fred Desrosiers, one of the
1964 Olympic boxers.

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