Wednesday, January 23, 2013

In Search of the 2013 BCABHOF Nominees



By Brian Zelley
In order to highlight the names of
some of our nominees for the 
BC Amateur Boxing Hall of Fame
I am looking through  issues 
of the "BC Amateur Boxing News"
from February to June 1985.

*One of the photos that appears
includes founder of the 
Newcastle Boxing Club 
George Nepper.

February 1985: 
On page 2 of this issue, the names ED WILLIAMS and STAN SMITH
appear in recipients of the "Harold Mann Boxing Achievement award".
Williams was awarded the award in 1973 and Smith in 1976.  For
former boxer and builder Ed Williams this was a signifiant distinction
has he was the third person to receive this annual award and Smith 
became the sixth person.

On page 3 in an article related to the 1985 Diamond Belt tournament,
Boxers mentioned in special bouts were Gary Wood and Todd Alain.
Of about nine persons mentioned for special recognition one of the
special nine was Jack Snaith along with Howard Curling, Dale Walters,
Don Dornick, Mike Sartori, Brian Zelley, Paul Calve, Dan Wright,
Ian Weir and Harold Handlin.  In that tournament Williams Lake
boxer Rick Albrechtsen was named Diamond Boy.

On other pages  Dick St Louis was mentioned in the Bert Lowes 
report titled "Lowes' Lowdown".  The piece on St. Louis was 
packed with a long list of things that Dick was involved with
in recent months such as Prince Rupert club shows, clinics
and preparation of the Salmon Belt Tournament.  

In a piece by John Kovak under "Coaches Corner"
he mentions among others boxers Scott and Troy Bannink.
In a piece called "Flashbacks" by editor Brian Zelley,
there were special profiles on four ex-boxers with one
being 2013 BCABHOF nominee JACK SNAITH.
The one on Jack was called "Welcome Back Jack".
In "Between Rounds" one of those mentioned was
Ed Williams.  

Summary of Nominees mentioned in February 1985"
Ed Williams, Stan Smith, Gary Wood, Todd Alain, 
Jack Snaith, Dick St. Louis, Scott and Troy Bannink.

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