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Howard Curling "Curling's Corner"

2014 BCABHOF Nominee ** Howard Curling

Introduction: by Brian Zelley

The following paragraph was an opening passage to introduce
Howard Curling to members of boxing on Vancouver Island
and to some from the British Columbia Amateur Boxing 
Association in the spring of 1983.

"Pro patria conamur" 
"Howard Curling is the longest serving member of 
amateur boxing on Vancouver Island.  Throughout the fifties
to the end of the seventies, Mr. Curling has served the sport of
amateur boxing as a member and president of the Greater Victoria
Amateur Boxing Association, boxing coach, referee and judge, 
a member of the BC Amateur Boxing Commission, and the
Vancouver Island Amateur Boxing Commissioner from 1976 to 1979.
At the present time (1983) Howard is a registered official with BCABA.
Therefore, I take great pleasure in publishing Howard's story
"Curling's Corner":

Curling's Corner: by Howard Curling, 1983

"I believe that amateur boxing on Vancouver Island is stronger than it
has ever been since the fifties and sixties.  A major strength for
amateur boxing was the organization involved.  On November 9, 1952
the Greater Victoria Amateur Boxing Association was formed to 
organize the sport in Greater Victoria.  Also, there was  the 
BC Amateur Boxing Association and a BC Boxing Commission. 
...This form of co-ordinated organization made it possible for clubs
such as the Victoria Firefighters Boxing Club, the James Bay
Boxing Club,  the Esquimalt Boxing Club and the Colwood Boxing Club
to run shows every month and at times two a month.  At that time
Port Alberni and Chemainus also had very strong clubs. 

Some of the names that were very well known were the Hamilton
brothers from Alberni, Skimp Williams and Terry Eastman from
Chemainus, and Gordy McGaw, Brian O'Hare, Tommy Black, 
Bruce McLey, Barry Bissenden, Fred Curtis, Al Curtis, 
Bert Wilkinson and many others who kept  amateur boxing so popular.

Some key persons involved in the Greater Victoria Amateur Boxing 
Association were Al Duval, Fred Buxton, Frank Mitchell,  and
Charlie Hunt.  Persons that assisted in hosting boxing shows were
Jim Marshall, Jim Allen, Tom Crabbe, Dr. Jack Patterson and 
Eric Simmons. 

At the present time (eighties), with clubs at Victoria, Crofton, 
Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Parksville, Campbell River and Gold River
there has been an increase in boxing activity on Vancouver Island.
It is of the utmost importance that these young boxers get a chance 
to show their ability in front of the public as often as possible. 
Boxing's future on Vancouver Island never looked better. But, to
keep it healthy, we need co-operation from all clubs.  We must make
the Vancouver Island Boxing Association as strong as possible. 
We must have improvement clinics for judges, referees and coaches.
We have in Rick Brough, the man who has the knowledge, the energy,
and the experience to make all this work.  So let's all get behind Rick
and make boxing as strong as possible on Vancouver Island.  

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