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Nanaimo Boxing 1963 to 1974

NANAIMO BOXING (1963 to 1974) by Brian Zelley

* This is the story of Nanaimo boxing
between September  1963 and May 1974
through my eyes, articles and memories. 

*It begins with the formation of the
the Newcastle Boxing Club by
George Nepper to my final goodbye
as a founding member of the 
Nanaimo Boxing Club when I left the club
in May of 1974, but did return to attend various club shows as a coach or a
ring official.  

My last boxing bout for Nanaimo was in
1973 against boxer and later coach
Clark MacLellan of Nanaimo. 

As I was involved with boxing in
Victoria in 1974, I decided that
I would cut my active ties with
the Nanaimo Boxing Club in
1974, and a closing piece was
published in the Nanaimo 
Daily Free Press in May 1974. 

Back To the Newcastle Boxing Club:

* some of the folks involved in the Newcastle Boxing Club:

One of the many club show:

Remembering the club on the 20th. Anniversary

Back to where it all Began

The Nanaimo Boxing Cub was inducted into  the
British Columbia Amateur Boxing Hall of Fame in 2012
based on 40 plus years of service to the sport.
In this story, it is not about 40 years, but the beginning.

the above does not list all of the almuni
and active members of the club for that
is for a different story.
The names above include some of the folks
involved with the beginning
George Nepper, John Ormandy, Bob Pegues
Brian Zelley and Dan Wright.
As of 2013, the current coach is Barry Creswell.
Some past coaches and trainers
that did not receive the recognition that they deserved
Clark MacLellan and  Joe Preston, 

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