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October 2013 World Championships


* Five members of the Canadian National A team will be
punching their way into contention in the World Championships.
                                 *part of the promotion of the championships

The boxers: 
Kenny Lally, Yves Ulysse, Custio Clayton, 
Brody Blair and Samir El-Mais have all got years of experience
and are expected to do well in the competition.  But, there are
no guarantees in international competition considering the
strong British and European team and others scattered around
the globe. 
Kenny Lally in an old photo with 
coach Bpb Pegues  has moved up
in weight classes over the past 
few years.

Samir El-Mais will be in action in 
the heavyweight division, and has
had a good run of it since returning
to boxing several years ago.

The coaching and support team consists of some well known names.
Coaches: Daniel Trepanier and Kevin Howard
Support:  Valerie Gauthier and Rob Schinke

The Canadian Boxing Team:  
* the original unedited photo from Boxing Canada site

In a September 2013 report by Raquel Ruiz for Boxing Canada
Boxing Canada president Pat Fiacco felt that the Canadian team
has improved a lot over the past year. 

The British team:
One of the members of the British team will be Freddy Evans of Wales.
It is unknown how the matches will go but some would like to see a 
rematch with Canadian Custio Clayton.  Another member of the
British tram expected to do well is Charlie Edwards.  There is 
also some expectations that the USA boxers will improve
their performance over some past years. 
(photo - as presented on the AIBA site for the tournament)

Action In The Ring - some early results:
* as expected Edwards
began in fine form, but
there are no guarantees
as the bouts move \closer to the finish line. 

Charlie Edwards
(photo by GB Boxing)

Edwards would drop the
decision in his second bout.

Josh Taylor wins in his prelim bout is the latest
buzz floating around on GB Boxing including
the following:

* Canada's Kenny Lally is expected to have his first bout October 17th.
Kenny is representing Canada in the featherweight division,
and at some pint if he remains in theat division will need to face
the likes of Justin Hocko and Rodolfo Velasquez to earn a shot 
on the 2014 National A-Team.
NOTE: on the actual fight list, Kenny was in the 
bantamweight division:  (See AIBA daily schedule)

* Yves Ulysse will see action in the light welterweight bout on
October with a bout against an Egyptian boxer with a good
possibility of advancing.

* Any expectation of an early bout between Custion Clayton 
and his nemesis Freddy Evans will not happen.  they are at 
opposite ends of the draw, and each received a bye for the
prelim rounds.  a much awaited CLAYTON vs EVANS  

may or may not happen.  It will require both
to blast their way past the those that they face
along the way.  But, for many some would like
that to be a final for the gold. \

* Canadian middleweight Brody Blair will get
no easy ride in this his first world championship.
He will see action in prelim action on October 17th.

* Canadian heavyweight Samir El-Mais received

a bye in the first round of heavyweight action
and will see action in a few days.

* First to see action for Canada will be Yves Ulysse.

* Canada's Yves Ulyssw leads the charge with
his first victory in the tournament:
* above photo of Yves Ulysse winning his first bout for Canada, photo from Boxing Canada

Team USA
Two USA boxers to win their prelim bouts were lightweight  Kenneth Sims
and light-welterweight Jose Alday.  But both boxers are expecting tougher
bouts in their second round of action.

Canada's Boxing Team gets it's first setback:
Kenny Lally has informed his facebook friends that he did
not get the decision in his first bout which was in the 
 We will need to think about the setback
to decide the contributing factors.  Was it the quality of the
opponent,  the decision to box in a different weight division, or
a combination of circumstances that make a difference in any bout. 

Boxer Kenny Lally photo parade from Boxing Canada: 

For Kenny Lally, he has had a good run since as early as 2008.
This prelim defeat does not effect what needs to happen next for him.
The next challenge will be to compete against the Canadian boxing
champions and other medalists to earn a shot in the bantamweight
or featherweight division for future action and a shot for the
2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.  

Samir El-Mais drops his first bout in a controversial decision according
to the claims of Canada's Daniel Trepanier.  However, Brody Blair wins
his opening bout and moves forward.  And word is Yves Ulysse has won
another bout.  In British boxing Charlie Edwards was eliminated in his
second bout.  But, in another flyweight bout the Irish boxer Paddy Barnes
moves forward. Also, the welsh boxer won a close bout.   The other welsh
boxer Evans is expected to see action following the prelim bye.

Canada's Brody Blair photos from Boxing Canada

THE ACTION CONTINUES:     BRODY BLAIR wins the second bout

and another positive step forwardand then there was an important victory
 number twofor .  Yves Ulysse jr. against a top quality opponent 

Yves Ulysse rocks on with win number two (source of photo Boxing Canada)

Custio Clayton of Canada wins in his first bout following his prelim bye.
Freddy Evans  of Wales  wins his first bout following his prelim bye.
There is no guarantee that the Clayton vs Evans bout will take place.
Based on his slow start in his frist bout, Evans will need to improve
his overall performance if he hopes to meet Clayton in a showdown. 

Scotland and Wales rocks forward

Andrew Selby
Freddy Evans
from Wales
move into 
the quarter finals

                      Fred Evans, Wales, GB Boxing

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