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In Search of the unknown former boxer with the words"  by brian zelley

" WHY BOXING":  author unknown
the following story appeared in various boxing programs and in boxing article over the
years, but there is no clear  indication of who this former boxer is as he laments about
the benefits of boxing and regret that he couldn't and did not have the words, opportunity
and time to teach the lessons they he learned to others.

Now the story from the unknown boxer from long ago:

" As a former boxer and a parent, I wish I could give a simple 
answer, but I can't.  The question makes me think a little and here
is my answer."

" As a competitor boxing gave me many things.
First, it taught me many physical skills, but most important it
taught me to be tough mentally.  It gave me friends and taight
me the meaning of friendship.  It taught me loyalty, to my friends,
my club and to my community, and above all to myself and my
ideals.  It taught me the rewards of hard work, persistence, 
and physical sacrifice to attain the ultimate in physical fitness.
And, although I didb't realize or understand it at the time, 
boxing put me under the guidance of men who cared about 
boys as well as boxing - my coaches."

"...boxers... They  have learned the things that I wish, I could have
taught them myself, but I didn't  have the words, , the opportunity,
or  the time.    I know these boys will be better men because of  
what they have learned from boxing. "

Now, the story could of been written by many former boxers that
did not have the time or opportunity to coach or become officials,
but it is believed the story may have first appeared in a program or a report
about the Chicago Golden Gloves.  However, it may have years later appeared in
British Columbia in an old tournament program in British Columbia
sometime in the mid-seventies or earlier. 

The Search Is On:   

It would be nice if we could track down the original source of the story,
but that may be difficult without the body of old golen gloves programs from Chicago, or New York or the Pacific North West etc.  This story has been linked to an amateur and professional boxing site on facebook to see if we get any hits.  

Not sure if we will ever find the name of the unknown boxer that put this together.
Of interesting aside from all the positive things, he talks about the regret of not
having the opportunity or the time to be able to get involved on a direct level.
There is always some form of opportunity to get involved.  A person may not
be able to go to some club or gym to get invovled in the training, but there are
many other ways.  The writer proved that just by writing his version of  WHY BOXING.

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