Thursday, December 26, 2013


 Commonwealth Games boxing **BC AMATEUR BOXING HALL OF FAME 2010 to 2014

INDUCTED for 2014:

Billy Townsend, William J. Finlay, Jimmy McMillan, 
Jamey Ballard, Jack Meda, Kit Munro, 
Bert Wilkinson, Bob Pegues, Harry Twist, Jeff Yule
** 1994 Commonwealth Games boxing  **

Inductees from above
Bert Lowes, Fick Findlay. Frank Scott,
Freddy Fuller, Gordie Lawson. Harold Mann,
Lindy Lindmoser, Jimmy McMillan, Roger Adolph

Ron Whalley

1994 Commonwealth Games
Victoria, BC, Canada

includes inductees
Rick Brough ** Alan Brown ** Dale Walters

Mickey Griffin, Gordie Lawson. Wally Doerne
Stan Smith, Ian Gibson, Sid McKnight

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