Friday, December 27, 2013

Eastside Boxing Club hit by fire

Eastside Boxing Club hit by fire

The Rise and Fall of Vancouver boxing:  by Brian Zelley

from Astoria to Eastside, not all events bring positive results.
With  the recent fire, some of the equipment is gone and smoke damage does not help the cause/

When we look back over the years, the history of the Astoria Boxing Club and
all it's variations and eventual closure, opened the door to the start of the Eastside club
on Commercial/  One of the big setbacks in recent years is a decision by the group to leave Boxing BC
 by the decision of the head dude in control.  So, they joined with the alternative fight organization.

The expected damage as mentioned by the Eastside spokesperson is only $10,000 or so,
but it is the need for facilities that could be a setback.  Time will tell what will become of

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