Thursday, November 28, 2013

Balaton Youth Boxing Tournament, July 1985

BOXING FLASHBACKS 1985 - By Brian Zelley

As we step back to the summer of '85, some may
remember the Canadian boxers that engaged in
one of those International tournaments which would
the 1984 best junior box Eric Grenier in this youth
tournament July 25 to 28th. Other Canadian boxers
would be Gilles Bisaillon, Frank Mercier, 
Michael Moffa, Ray Downey (aka Garbriel-Downey),
Gary Wood, Sandy Hervieux, Rodney Symonds,
John Walker

Medal Winners:
Gold: Sandy Hervieux and Ray Downey
Silver:  Grenier,  Moffa and Gary Wood
Bronze:  Bisaillon and Mercier

The crowd's special award was earned by
Canadian boxer Rodney Symonds.

WORLD YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIPS *** September 1 - 8th.

Canadian Youth Boxing Team:
GrĂ©nier  *  Bissailon * Mecier * Moffa * 
John Walker, Symonds, Downey, Markwick,
Gary Wood and Sandy Hervieux

Team Manager: Yvon Michel
Coaches: Ray Napperand Dave Campanile
pre tournament training in Canada took 
place in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

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