Friday, November 1, 2013


The Recently crowned Canadian Champions and the A-team: by brian zelley

For the recently crowned champions in the elite male open category, some will not be resting if they hope to earn a place on the A-team if they face the
current A-team members Kenny Lally, Yves Ulysse jr., Custio Clayton'
Brody Blair and Samir El-Mais.

when THE FINAL BELL sounds how will the likes of Francois Pratte, Zsolt Duranyi, Steven Butler and Jan-Michael Poulin stand. Then what happens to Rodolfo Velasquez,
Alex Rynn and others?

There will be November action in Quebec, but who will be left standing.
Then the big question will Ariane Fortin require another win over MARY SPENCER
to cement her standing?

Junior and Youth Nationals

*This site will also follow the action in the Youth and Junior competition.

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