Thursday, November 7, 2013

THE BILLY Dynamite DOWNEY boxing story

The Billy Downey Boxing Journey: by Brian Zelley
with much assistance from ROBERT DOWNEY and support from Bill's family and friends


This story begins at the end of Billy's life journey, but will take us back to the eighties when Billy was young.

Dynamite Downey dies at age 44 | The Chronicle Herald

Looking back to 1984, I remember the Downey name from Nova Scotia. In the 1984 Junior Nationals, there a Ray Downey competing in Burnaby, BC and then there was
Billy Downey engaged in action at Halifax in the
Intermeiate/Youth Nationalls. At the time I was
on the Board of the British Columbia Amateur Boxing Association.

1986 Commonwealth Games
It was a good year for Billy Downey and his Canadian team
Gold medal winners were:
Billy Downey, Scotty Olson, Asif Dar, Howard Grant, Dan Sherry and Lennox Lewis.
Bronze: Steve Beaupre, Brent Kosolofski and Dom. D'Amico.

Billy would face England's Peter English  for the gold medal.
Bronze was earned by ChrisCarleton and Johnny Wallace.
In previous tournaments, Canada's Dale Anderson would win
bronze in the featherweight division. And in later showsCasey Patton would win gold in the 1994 Commonwealth Games in Victoria, BC.

Back TO Where It All Began

To Understand, the journey of Billy Downey, we must understand
the role of the Downey family and the boxing club from where it 
all began in Nova Scotia.  The Downey name has long associted 
with boxing long before Billy joined a boxing club as a pre-teen.

Golden Memories = family, friends and fans..

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