Thursday, May 8, 2014

Irish Pat Murphy, Champion beyond the ring wars

Irish  Pat Murphy, the peoples champion: by brian zelley

*the following video by Terry Murphy of New Jersey
is a video story of his brother, an inductee in
the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame.

To truly understand part of the Pat Murphy story,
we need to step back in time to re-visit an old story
that appeared in "Boxing Illustrated", June 1974.

The story was by Jack Welsh and appeared on 
pages 31 to 33 and was titled:
"Auto Crashes Draw Pat Murphy's Clan Closer".
The important piece in the opening paragraph 
was "...there is no questioning Murphy's 
championshipqualities as a human being."

The closing line by Jack Welsh was:
"There is no question  Irish Pat Murphy can take
care of himself in and out of the ring  plus every
important person in his life."

The video by Terry Murphy on his older brother Irish Pat Murphy.

Of course, the magazine article in 1974 was a
long time before, Pat was inducted into the
New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame, but it
demonstrates the character of an individual that
is worthy of any hall of fame.

Canadian boxing fans and alumni would get to
know about Pat's boxing ability after fighting
Montreal's Donato Paduano (a 1968 
Olympic  boxer for Canada), and the classy 
Clyde Gray who fough the likes of welterweight
champion greats such as Jose Napoles. But, others
beyond New Jersey and New York would get to know
and appreciate the boxer and the family man called
Irish Pat Murphy.  Some top boxers that he would face 
would include Billy Backus and John H, Stracey.

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