Thursday, May 29, 2014

Vancouver Island Boxing 2014

Vancouver Island Boxing: by Brian Zelley

* The above video is a brief history of 
amateur boxing on Vancouver Island
via the photo.  There is no chronological story
but, it covers three key places including
Campbell River, Nanaimo and Greater Victoria.

The Lead photo:
Photo by notable photographer Jim Ryan, 
in November 1974, and is now the
property of the Greater Victoria Sports
Hall of Fame. The original story by 
Patty Pitts was published in the 
November 22, 1974 issue of the former
newspaper "The Victorian" to recognize 
a revival of amateur boxing in the capital
city.  There was also reference to the revival
of boxing in the city of Nanaimo.

The second photo was taken in 1973
and represents part of the revival of
the sport in Nanaimo.

The Nanaimo photo is followed by one
from 1954 in Victoria as part of the
Vancouver Island Golden Gloves in which
boxer Bert Wilkinson would be named
Golden Boy.  

The next three photos looks at former
Nanaimo boxer Bob Pegues, Campbell 
River coach George Shiels and Island
born Dale Walters in a seventies card
in Victoria. Dale was then a member of
the Burnaby boxing club.

Some others include:
Gary Wood, Mike Caird, Danny O'Sullivan,
Donnie Orr, Alan Brown, Mike Lazare,
Barry Creswell, Jules Nepper, Fred Wicks,
Bob Perry, Zach McKay and the final 
photo is a photo of members of Nanaimo's
Newcastle Boxing Club.

                                          *** 1964***  
                                   Leo Rock, Chris Balatti, Gilles Nepper,
                           Leon Nepper, Roger Nepper and Brian Zelley

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